I’m 39 I was diagnosed 8 months ago with diabetes at first my Family MD thought it was type 2 because I don’t fit the profile of type 1, I’m 100 pounds over weight. When my blood suagr wouldn’t go down she sent me to an endocronagist who did more testing and diagnosed me with type 1. I have a few questions I’m hoping someone can help me with.

  1. Is it possible that I’ve had type 1 and didn’t know about it for a long period of time?

  2. When I was first diagnosed I felt horrible about my self that I had not taken care of myself and that I had brought this on myself. When i founf out it was type 1, strangly I felt a little better knowing that it was out of my control. recently an ER doctor that I work with told me that adults don’t get type1 one and that I’ve had type2 and runied my pancreas by not taking care of myself. WOW, now I feel even worse. Is this true?

    I’m trying so hard to be healthy, it is such a struggle. My blood sugars during the day are now normal, but my fasting is still 146-179.

    Can someone please please help me I feel so alone in this.

it’s possible you developed T1 later in life there are a fair number of folks here that were misdiagnosed at T2s but were really T1s

some T2s will need to take insulin as their body makes less and less insulin but ifyou were diagnosed by the cpeptide test then you’re a T1

it’s hard to do but let go of the guilt and move on. The root cause does not matter now. taking control of your lifestyle and your sugars is the only thing that matters now. focus on taking care of yourself.

good luck and take care and you’re not alone