first post for the discussion

Hi Colin. Is there something in particular you need help with? Ask away and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

May I ask what kind of help you need? I really don’t understand what you mean.

what are good foods what are bad
my favourite;s are steak chicken seafood likes of shrimp muscles mushrooms garlic asparagus liver kidneys
the list goes on is there a list somewhere I can download rating food and drink from zero to what ever
am I saying the right things as I have said at the moment I don’t understand

OK think I’ve got you now. For me it’s potatoes and white rice. I think that stands ture for most diabetics. Unseweet tea will work (just use an artifical sweetner in it) Also for me plain white milk (the one with the red cap) is bad. I drink 2% milk. I drink only Diet Cokes and really can’t tell you about the other’s out there. Water (as my g-mother says) is better for you and water dosen’t cause your bs to spike. Did that help you any?