Helpful HINTS!

OK, when you prick you finger to test, it helps if you keep your arm ( with the hand on the end) hanging down along you body and count to 10. Don’t rush counting, you don’t have to catch a plane or a fly don’t you? If you can’t count higher than 5 do 5. That way you will always have plenty of blood flowing. Also washing you hands with good warm water, don’t boil them eh, and no alcohol will be good. If you don’ get enough strips let your doctor write a letter that you need at least 4 or more per day. I test on average seven times per day, 5 needles and 5 catherizations of the bladder per day, have to practice piano, do my painting and learn about things, and hardly have time to write letters on here. I need 48 hours per day! HELP!!! Now got Age related macular degeneration and Glaucoma…
Then your foot and leg care. When you cream them with your cream do the whole foot also at the bottom but the heel go up high on the lower leg and the front also. NO cream BETWEEN the toes but dry in between very much. But put some cream over the toes lightly, not too much.
Of course you all keep records I’m sure. Like on what day and time you took insulin and tests at what time ect.
There are different ways of doing that. I use double pages when the note book is opened for one month at the time. Draw a lot of columns vertically. Even have a column for 3 Am, yes that is in the middle of when you are having your best sleep. Have to artificially empty my bladder 5 times per 24 hours. Like to stay busy see! LOL.
Since I take 5 needles per day I use a plastic sour cream container and in the Am load up for the day. After using one needle I return the plastic top of the needle to th box. Easy when you forget if you took your needle or not. Just start counting just up to 5 and stop. Don’t go overboard now!
It is required with Lantus insulin to take Lantus and Humelog in seperate needles but I also seperate them on my belly like left and right sides, just look, you all should have a L and a R if not, let me know! LOL.
There are 1/2 inch needles and a shorter one which is far thicker. The 1/2 inch slides easier and is not so stumpy.
Also, if you don’t want to go in so deep just stop before putting the needle in all the way and shoot!
You won’t believe this, but my fingers are much worn off and shorter after typing all this! Can only play short pieces on the piano now. Poor Mozart… Poor Beethoven…
Like to hear your comments, even bad ones…LOL.
March 14 2010

Hope Y’all liked the helpful hints for those who need them,

Greetings JB.

Bom bom bom bommmmm!!!

Nice to see you again Johnben! Always good tips!