Helping Hints!

This is a post to hear everyone’s single most helpful hint that they’ve found over the years. Mine would be that since I’ve grown sick of glucose tabs (and they’re expensive!!), I’ve found it much more pleasurable to simply take sugar packets from cafes, and use them for lows. They’re natural, and virtually all 5 carbs/pack! And no gross fruit flavors!
What are yours?

She likes the large, individually wrapped Lifesavers. Can fit four or five easily in a jean pocket, they are wrapped in plastic, hard, so they won’t crumble and four grams each. She also likes packs of thin pretzel sticks to keep in her purse (19 grams). Sometimes she does not want to eat something sweet and pretzels raise BS quickly also.

I think the most helpful hint I have gotten in my life, is to relax and not worry so much about having everything under control all the time. I usually worry too much all the time.

Not that I follow this piece of advice all the time… but I try too and when I do, I feel free.

This discussion reminded me of the Simple Steps for Health Initiative. there are some really great hints there, check them out! :slight_smile:

"Ignorance is bliss, the rest of us our stressed out. "

I think that is why we are all here, for help in dealing with the stress, I know that’s why I signed on tonight!

I will shut up now before…

what if they don’t take insulin?!?!?!

For helpful hints, I like Andreina’s response. Relax, which of course is easier said than done. I have seen through the years what stress can do to my blood sugar readings. It isn’t pretty. That is exactly what my Harley does for me. Reduces my stress level better than medicines. Of course, riding in many areas of the country can induce stress these days, as Dave referenced in a previous post. Here in Kansas City, I can scoot out into the country very easy and just enjoy the ride. I guess you could say I’m like that dog you see with his head out the window of the moving car. I love it and so do they. :slight_smile: