Helping yourself

I was reading one of the other posts about why people don’t take care of themselves. I’m an alcoholic (sober 8 years), diabetic (diagnosed in 1997), and arthritic (whenever). I didn’t sign up to be any of these things, but here I am. I will tell you that I got sober with the help of friends with the same disease (AA), and it is very inspiring to read how all of you deal with the ups and downs of our shared disease. For those who are young or were diagnosed at a young age, I have to say your courage is just so amazing. Anyway, I’ve learned that you have to learn to accept help, and that by helping others, you also help yourself.

Congrats on your sobriety. I have family members who are recovering alcoholics, so I’ve seen your struggle.
No matter what the disease, addiction, diabetes, etc, it takes the support of good supportive people to get us through.

Thanks for sharing your story, Red Bank. We’re glad you found this community of friends, too.

Hi Red Bank,
No truer words were ever spoken. Congrarulations on your sobriety and for learning the simple truth of what makes our family such a great one. We are a family of very loving, supportive and caring people. Everytime someone reaches out ,that is exactly what they get back. You sound like a really good person whom I would really like to get to know. Each of us brings their own very unique part to add to the family. And although we are each very different in many ways, our family is very beautiful in the way we share and care about each other. I am very glad you have joined us. Welcome. I don’t know when you joined, but it is never too late to welcome you.
Blessings be to you.

Red Bank-

Congrat’s on being sober! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your kind words (I have accepted your invitation, by the way). I joined this group a few months ago, and i learn everytime I read the discussions. My doctors are great, but time constraints limit just how much you learn from them. hearing what other diabetics. Thanks also to Melissa and Diabetizme for their words.

Thanks – one day at a time workds for both of these diseases!

Congratulations on being sober, and on joining this community to get support with your diabetes. You are a great example.