Hemoglobin A1Crap

I got my blood tests faxed to my work today…A1C was at 9.3. I have only had 3 done since the diagnosis last year and the first was 12, second was 7.5 and now this one. I guess this just justifys my not feeling so well physically.

But…it’s a number…my question is why can’t they make it something that has meaning…like…your A1C is a 65% and failing Angela…or well done Angela…your A1C is a 93%. I mean at least then we could either feel really good about being a stellar student…or we could just feel like ■■■■ about ourselves and our failures. Can you tell I’m a teacher?

Anyway…just going off on a tangent…need to hunker down and get these things under control.

I know, it’s like I’m testing all the time, and if that number is over 7, I feel like a failure, too. At least in school there seems to be more of a direction correlation between the amount of effort you’re putting into studying and the grades you receive. I just got back from having my blood drawn - get there at 8:45, fasting, bg was 140, full waiting room, wait an hour and 10 minutes, go home, bg is 265. I’m sick of the whole thing!