Here is my story

I am an incomplete quad from a car accident, a lady eating her lunch didn’t see I was stopped waiting for a truck to turn (in a little sports car) she hit my car going about 40 MPH and pushed my car under the truck. Shattered both my jaws, ruptured my discs at C4,5,6 and this hit my spinal cord causing a cyst in the middle of spinal cord. I can not feel anything from head to toe.Am in a motorized wheelchair and am at home all the time! That is on the outside of my body. The inside feels like a train hit me. After I think almost 15 surgeries, I’ve lost count, I’m still counting. I have a morphine pain pump now which at least helps me cope with the pain along with large doses of morphine pills. Now am diabetic to top it all off. Have recently been researching about vitamins and have ordered a whole shopping cart on line that are supposed to help (B-12,Folic Acid,Inosirtol,Chromium Piccolinate,Gymnema Sylvestre,Omega 3,Cholin Bititrate,Alpha Lipoic, Acid Q-10,Bitter Melon and Glucomannan) boy was that a mouth full. Won’t hurt to add them to my 28 other pills I already take. Have to sleep in a recliner as I can’t sleep lying down, as my husband has found me clinically dead twice and he was told I wouldn’t make it. But here I am still sitting!! Have congestive heart failurenow and can’t anything except yogurt and protein drinks oh, and Ice chips. Well think I will watch some T.V. now it 12:30AM and will be up for quite some time so goodnight to all out there!!

wow, Michelle, sorry to hear about your accident. You wouldn’t think such a devastating outcome would happen from a 40 mph rear-ender. When did the accident happen?

you sound like a fighter! Hope all is well

I certainly understand the restricted right now. I know how tough it is. Chin up and please take care.

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