Here we go again

It is days or well times like this that make me just wanna give up!
So much for being tough…
Or strong or anything.
I just wanna curl up and cry.

You just had heart surgery and you're with it enough to ask for help, Curl up and cry if you need to but don't kid yourself, You're plenty strong.


You can cry it you want to, sweetie.. It takes strength to keep going and not give up when you have had a painful surgery. You mentioned that you have to go through this surgery every so often...Remember, myou made it thbrough before.. You willl again. You mentioned how your little brother, himself recently diagnosed, is helping to test your blood sugars in your other posting, HOw kind!!And your parents are is there for you too. Let them hug you and comfort you.. They will helo you and we on tu D are always here if you just need to let it out.
Can you have visitors from your own friends your age during the times you are feeing better( and yes, those times are coming)? Maybe give them a quick text or call and I am sure they will stop by.

God bless,

Hi Kelsey - being tough does not mean one cannot curl up and cry, sometimes realizing the need to do so is being plenty strong! Keep your chin up, girl :) As lonely as it may seem you are never truly alone... *hugs*

If u need to u need to. Just please know that we're here for u anytime u need us. I've read some of ur post and ur a strong girl. Even the strong must take some time of though. Do this if u need to

Remember that physical stress (like having surgery) also causes emotional stress. Don't be hard on yourself if you feel that stress.
It is said that courage is not the lack of fear but being afraid and going on anyway. The same is true of "being tough". Being tough is wanting to cry, needing to cry, and crying...and then moving on. Wanting to cry or having a good bawl now and then doesn't mean your not tough, it means you're Human.