Here we go again

I had received an email form the ADA and a lot of you probably also received it. About the moron that claims health care isn’t for those that sit on their couches eating themselves into diabetes.

A friend posted it in Google Plus. Someone starts quoting Robert Lustig in how type 2 is prevalently caused by sugar.
Uses the following saying how doctors are claiming it so.

I lit into him telling him that it’s mainly genetics. That you’ll see a lot of obese people out in the world who are not nor will be diabetic and yet you’ll see people of normal weight, exercises, and eats healthy that are diabetic both type one and type two. Told how it runs in my family. And I also tossed into the mixture about so many myths people would rather fall for instead of really checking out the diabetic sites and forums.
Sorry if I sound like I’m ranting but I get totally peed when I see stuff like that. I also informed him that there is no cure that we can gain and maintain control by medicine, exercise and by watching the portion we eat, carb count etc.

I’m sure that he’ll probably come up with some other bs about how it’s all about sugar again. When will people ever learn???


I have to deal with this stuff on both my major medical conditions. I caused my Type 2 Diabetes and being heavy is the reason why I suffer from chronic pain in my right leg following a blood clot. I told the doc that I’d been heavy for 15 years before the blood clots and never once had any pain in my leg. He claims it’s the weight causing the pain. Well, why doesn’t the left leg hurt? Whenever doctors are too dumb to figure out an illness, they just blame the patient for being sick. I makes me angry too. My mom is overweight, 69 years old, and has perfect blood sugar. 85 fasting. Moms used to eat candy like crazy for many years and slam down cokes all day too. So I guess when she wolfs down all that pasta, bread, and potato chips every night, she should have diabetes before she’s what 100? Some people are just insufferable idiots. I don’t even bother trying to educate them anymore.


My dietitian is ‘prediabetic’. Skinny, goes to gym and works out all the time. Diabetes runs in his family. Said that he had someone referred to him to attend some of his classes on portion control and other stuff. So, he found out that the individual’s lab work was perfect was only over weight. Had lost almost thirty pounds on own but still needed to lose more weight and wanted help on learning about food and portion control etc. Said that was all that the individual was facing was weight control. Otherwise was in ‘perfect’ health, no diabetes, no pre or anything else. Yet here he was in top shape and having to work hard to put off the diabetes from coming on in on him.

Said that enforces the myths of ‘obese’, ‘overweight’ are bound to have diabetes being pure bs.

It’s sad that some of the medical don’t realize the truth of diabetes. They are still in the old school. I had one that told me I may have been diabetic but not now because she didn’t see anything wrong with the A1C. The DE moved me to another doctor. He told me flat out that if I don’t maintain control like I do it will come back and bite me and try to bite very hard. But the more I maintain the control the better off I will be when it does come back in on me. Liked him. Too bad he moved. Had some great conversations on diabetes and other things with him.
Both him and the DE told me that if someone didn’t know my history they wouldn’t know I’m diabetic. That I’m doing a good job of taking care of it.

But those people that ‘assume’ and don’t know a damn thing because they only see the stuff that back them up gets me going. They don’t want to know or read in other sites that slams their views into the mud.

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Of course, no one in this party has a problem with spending millions on security for the president, while he sits around at his Florida mansion watching himself on TV eating buckets of KFC all day


Not to mention those extra scoops of ice cream.


As I said in another, related discussion:

“If that logic says we shouldn’t provide support for people with diabetes, then the same logic dictates that we must not provide it for people with lung cancer. Or people with heart disease who cannot prove that they exercise regularly. Etc. Etc. Etc. Can’t have it both ways.”


It will come back if you do not maintain it. I have a current A1C of 5.4. I also have been able to stop mealtime insulin four weeks ago, but I’m not cured. I jumped the gun and stopped taking Metformin for a few days and my BG went back up to 180 after meals. Also, I have learned this week that even with Metformin, if I eat more than 200 grams of carbs per day, my BG will go to 140-150. I have high postprandial BG without the Metformin and my fasting BG goes from 100 to 117 without the meds. So, I’m not cured like I thought I was. I’m just staving off the needle for now. Some doc’s will say you’re cured with a low A1C, but they don’t realize all of the changes you’ve had to make to get there, or that it is the meds doing what they’re supposed to do. So, if I start to control my disease by eating no carbs and stopping the Metformin will my disease progress as fast as it will with me using Metformin and still eating 200 and under carbs per day; while sometimes employing mealtime insulin to help control BG? Am I causing my diabetes to advance faster because I’m still eating carbs, or am I just accepting the inevitability of needing oral meds and Insulin in order to maintain optimal BG control? There in lies the question with all of this. So, I eat carbs, I will be on the needle faster, or on a Sulfa drug eventually. Maybe faster than someone who is on a low carb diet. It all ends the same. We are all headed towards beta cell burnout. That is just my take on everything.

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I thought he consumed bags of Lay’s Potato Chips. :wink:

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I was taken off of Metformin in 2013. The DE and doctor both liked how I was taking care of self. And I’ve been off since. My A1C has been 5.4 through 5.6. I’ve had maybe three or four reads below 70 and have them jump up over two hundred eating things that I normally have reads of 130-160.
It happens. I was complaining about it to the Dietitian and DE separate times. Wife is constantly asking why that happens.

Both of them told me that "You’re diabetic!! It’s going to happen that you’ll have some normal reads and then will have high reads. You can only do the best you can!!"
So I tell her what they tell me. She still has trouble understanding. I’ve just about given up trying to. Just log in the reads and let it go. Print the spreadsheets out and show to doctor when I see.
But I do the best I can on watching carb intake. Constantly telling wife that fruit has carbs and sugars that I can’t eat all I want etc. One of her friends told me to put various fruits into a blender and then just drink the juices. Told wife I’d have such a rush she’d be pulling me off th ceiling. Had to explain to her.
A lot of people just don’t understand.

I didn’t watch all of that video. Got bored and didn’t feel like hearing someone saying all we had to do was stay away from sugars.

90 percent of COPD cases are caused by smoking cigarettes. Why pay for these people? If you get into an auto accident and it’s your fault, why cover the 500k emergency room bill? What’s next the death camps. :frowning:


I am agreed with you, it is mainly came into play from genetics with diet as the contributing factors. Diabetics can be in the smart people who do workout bla bla and one cannot escape.

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I told the individual about some in the military that become diabetic. They are constantly getting into physical exercise. Asked him if he wanted to be the one to tell them that they’re diabetic by sitting on the couch and eating potato chips, drinking colas. I sure the hell wouldn’t. There be some really stupid people out there.

Maybe the surgeon general should put a warning label on bags of potato chips stating that eating potato chips can cause Type 2 Diabetes lol. Just like they do on the cigarettes.


Surgeon general warnings on bags of potato chips now lol! Lets get the message out there that potato chips kill more people than cigarettes. lol


Well, there could be some truth to that. Statistics show that nearly everyone who consumes potato chips eventually dies. The overall mortality rate for potato chip users is close to 100%.

Don’t laugh. That kind of logic is used all the time in medical research, to say nothing of the popular media.


Nah, nah. That’s just association, not causation. On the other hand, 100% of people that die were born, and nobody who was not born dies – Birth is the number one cause of death. And since birth is caused by the parents, why should it be our responsibility?


I can’t decide whether that’s rabbinical or jesuitical. Maybe both.


Oy vey is mir and Lord have mercy on my beta cells. Forgive the fools that blame Type 2’s for their condition, unfortunately they do know what they do. (I hope no one is offended, my family is Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Methodist and Episcopalian, and I have dabbled in all of them at one time or another. Holidays are very interesting in our house.).

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This really isn’t the right thread for this, but I can’t help myself. The devil is making me do it.

It’s 3:00 AM and the Pope is sound asleep. The cardinal who has the duty that evening enters and gently wakes him.

The Pope stirs and says, “This had better be important,” or some words to that effect. “Oh yes, Holy Father,” says the cardinal. “We wouldn’t dream of disturbing you for something that wasn’t. There’s a phone call you have to take.”

“Okay,” says the Pope, “you want to tell me what’s going on?”

“Well,” says the cardinal, “Your holiness, you need to prepare yourself. I have good news and bad news.”

“I don’t think I’m fully awake yet,” says the Pope, “so give me the good news first.”

To which the cardinal responds, “Your Holiness, it’s God on the phone, and he wants to talk to you. As a matter of fact, he asked for you by name.”

“Well, that sounds good, all right,” says the Pope. “All right, let me have the rest of it.”

The cardinal takes a deep breath, turns an interesting color, and stammers out, “He’s calling from Utah.”


I will be sharing that!:laughing:

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