Here we Go!

Well I went to Womens College Hospital in Toronto on June 1 and had my tubal reversal surgery.

Some of you may remember, I was originally supposed to have my surgery back in March but was bumped two days prior to surgery..we were so upset and angry...anyways, I digress. ;)

Surgery took about 2.5 hours and according to my surgeon, went very well.
He flushed me with blue dye to check the tubes and they flowed great!
(I was also peeing blue/green for a couple days after)

He went in through my previous c-section scar and its healing nicely. (not even the same length as my previous scar for those who are wondering)

My surgeon told us to start trying as soon as I felt I was able.
So my husband is pretty pleased right about now since this week Im fertile and we've been "trying" pretty frequently. :)

Im so excited to see what next month brings...fingers crossed people...fingers crossed.

I'll keep you updated.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way