Here's a "good one" for you Medtronic CGM users

Have you ever been told by tech support that the range of the xmitter is reduced if you place a transparent dressing over it (such as an IV3000)? Something I just read on the forum jogged my memory just now regarding a convo I had with a Medtronic tech when discussing issues with lack of range. I argued with them to no avail. Either they are right and if so that’s a lame thing to have a transmitter encased in plastic that would have it’s range reduced by a VERY THIN transparent dressing, or they are wrong and Medtronic doesn’t know how to train and monitor their techs. Either way, it’s a sad commentary on Medtronic.

900 MHz goes thru stone walls - doubtful 10000 IV3000 would have any reduction in signal

But that’s a good one

Now you know what to use in the microwave if you want to keep certain areas from cooking

LOL! yeah, keep the turkey legs from getting overdone in my 4 cubic foot microwave. :slight_smile:

Even when covered by plastic, the transmitter continues to transmit to my pump on the night stand when I am taking a shower in a glass enclosed shower stall 25 feet away.

When I used the Enlites, transmission distance wasn’t too bad for line of sight, but with the xmitter to the left of my abdomen and the pump on my right waistband, in front of me, the signal would be attenuated enough by my body to kill the signal. It happened on a regular basis–not just a rare occurrence. Was but one of the issues I had with Enlites.