Here's the story on skydiving


I work at a college. This gives me unique opportunities that most people are not able to have... for free - all in the name of being a chaperone. I was inviting to help supervise on our skydiving trip last October. I researched it and it is actually very safe if you tandem jump - which you can see that I did :) Plus, it is very expensive, but doing it this way... it was free!

I thought about jumping with my pump - as it is attached to me and fits pretty securely in my pocket besides. However, I had horrible visions of the pump being ripped from my body and watching $6000 literally floating away. So I gave it to another chaperone to hold. I was untethered for about 30 minutes total and had excellent control all day - even with the stress of falling out of a plane at 13,000 feet.

If you want to read my thoughts about the dive/jump right after it happened and even see some fun pictures, click on the links in this post.

P.S. I believe the link to the video no longer works but the site is down for maintenance so I am not sure. :(


I was treated to a skydiving trip last year as a birthday present from my wonderful bride.

It was a BLAST. Beautiful clear day with huge views. I actually did wear the pump without any problems. Highly recommended.


I know I probably could have worn the pump - but I couldn’t get the visions out of my mind. Wonder if it would have been covered in the warranty?