Here's To Another Baby Shower!

Got another one to go to today. Just last weekend I was at a good friend of mine’s baby shower and I began to notice the celebration starts there. The shower, then the birth, then the christening (dep. on what religion you are) then that big 1st. B-day bash and on and on and on and on.
For me the celebration will begin once my arch nemesis AKA A1c is low enough and stable enough for the Dr. to say it is ok to try. WOW! Will that be a party in itself. Now that I am on the serious track of getting myself in control I see myself looking forward to showers as they are a little boost for me for wanting to be in that position one day. Already looking forward to the one I have coming up in March.

I totally know what your talking about. I am also waiting for my A1c to go down. The magic number is 7.3! I think I was more upset when my endo told me I had to go on birth control than I was when I found out I have diabetes! I mean I have been ttc(trying to conceive) for almost 6 years! Oh well I have to do what I can to get healthy! I have to get my A1c checked again in a month so pray for me!