Here's what to do if I pass out

My husband I mentor some kids from a town near us. My mentee, Deandra, is 13. Last week she was over at my house and we were going through photos and talking about what dessert we wanted to make. I start forgetting words and talking faster and faster, (my new low symptoms) and I realize that I'll need to test my blood sugar, grab some glucose tabs and try not to pass out on her.

I managed to stay alert and upright (Thank Goodness!) and once I was feeling better I had to explain to her what had just happened and what she might need to do in the future if my blood sugar crashed again.

I tried to make it as short and simple as possible.

1-If I start acting weird, (forgetting words, talking fast, rocking side to side, acting confused, start laughing uncontrolably for no reason etc) then ask me to check my blood sugar. If I refuse, ask me again.

2-Find me some sugar. (Tabs, OJ, soda, frosting)

3-Grab my cell phone and press #3 which will dial my husband. Tell him to come home immediately.

4-If I pass out before he gets home, call 911.

She got it and she asked a ton of good questions. Like "What is low blood sugar? How does your machine tell you that? Why does sugar bring it up? Why do you act weird if you're low? What is the lowest you have been?

So I answered them as best I could. Told her about a bad low blood sugar incident involving my sister having to chase me around the house with a can of Cherry Coke and a pair of pants (apparently I removed them during the start of the chase) and laughed about it. But really I was concerned, because the more questions Deandra asked, the more I realized how overwhelming it is to explain diabetes to someone who has NO exposure to it.

Carbs, insulin to carb ratio, whatnormal" blood sugar is, why my body stopped making insulin, what insulin does and why I can't live without it. What type I have and why there are different types. I think I overwhelmed her a bit.

Thing is, there are quite a few days when this disease overwhelms me to. It's exhausting to have to think like a pancreus (?) 24/7. Plus all the information we have to wade through everyday just to stay on top of the latest advances, tecniques, and advise.

So I wondered after I dropped Deandra off at her home if I had helped her understand diabetes at all or if I just totally confused her. I guess I won't know until I have another low and she remembers to do what I told her.

I have had some pretty bad lows, but have thankfully never really gotten confused and undressed. I have been down in the 30’s and had my head with me enough I could page my doctor. I think my neighbors would have me committed if I was running around laughing and had no pants on.