He's Here! Sorry it took so long for me to update you ladies

Hi Ladies,

Im sorry this took so long but I have been wrapped up in mommyhood so tight that I hardly get online. Sooooo, where do I begin. On October 25th, I went to the doc to have the routine sono tests done and once again the little bugger would not move... so I could only get a score of 4 because he wasnt moving... I was already scheduled to be induced on Oct 28th (my 38 week mark), but since baby was scaring the doctor, she had me go right into the hospital on that day to begin the process.

I arrived at the hospital and that night they gave me the pill to soften cervix every 4 hours until the next morning. I was having mild cramping but nothing serious. So on 10/26 at 9:30am they began Petocin... at this point they were asking me if I planned to get an epidural and I was like "ummm, not sure but I dont think so"...cramps were still kind of mild menstrual like. At around 10:30am, doc came in and checked my cervix and broke my water... ummmmm ladies, the contraction that followed brung me to tears. I immediately asked for the epidural. That numbed the pain but I didnt take so much as to numb the pressure, it wasnt bothering me...until later that afternoon when the contractions were coming frequently and that pressure had gotton so sever that it was like pain (picture me hanging off the bed rails!)... Well after threatening the hospital staff bodily harm if they didnt get that thing out of me, Kweli Heru was born at 4:01pm on 10/26, weighing 7lbs 11oz and very healthy! He came out with a full head of hair and his eyes were wide open. This kid came out very attentive, when they gave him to me he was staring up at me intently.

Well he is officially 2 months now and getting bigger by the minute. He is VERY hard work and I couldn't imagine it would be this difficult with a new born. Im back to work today, its a break for me but I do miss him. I will admit that post delivery I have dwindled a lot with taking care of my diabetes...its hard to even get a minute to use the bathroom or shower with this new baby so I havent been checking levels like I should. However, now back to work gives me time to stop and check levels and get back on track.

Thanks ladies for all of your support through the process. I couldnt get through it without you all. You were such a wonderful help to me.

Congratulations!!!!! What a beautiful baby!!! Going back to work is not easy, is he sleeping through the night yet??? It took my daughter till her third month for me to get a decent night of sleep. I went back to work when she was 16 weeks and she just started doing 6-7 hour clips of sleep. She is now 6 months old and sleeps 12 hours at night!!! :)

I feel the same way about diabetes care as you said ... it does get easier and you will start to get back into your care routine. I found my body still adjusting to having a baby after 4 / 5 months ... my insulin needs are pretty regular now but I am ultra sensitive to eating sweets this past holiday season - more than I ever was before. Or, my insulin needs are changing again ... hmmm ....

Congrats! He is super duper cute. Hope you are able to get back into a good routine for your diabetes soon :slight_smile:

Thanks Donna. He actually sleeps good through the night. Well, I put a sprinkle of organic brown rice cereal into his bottle...just a sprinkle and he will sleep from about 10pm till about 5 or 6 am. I know its early for that and the docs want you to wait till 4 - 6 months, but I gotta listen to the old school ladies sometimes hahahaha... I try to keep a good balance of what the pediatrician wants me to do (by the book) and what the aunties and grandmas advise me to do.

He’s a cutie!!! glad everything went well with you too!! was the pain that bad, OMG i’m totally scared :frowning:

Thanks Christina and Sharray. Well…the pain was…ummm something, but if you take the epidural you can numb it completely out. The nurse however told me that its good to leave it so I could feel the pressure because it helps you to know when to push…she said someone women numb completely then they have a harder time pushing and getting the baby out… The pain is short lived though so don’t be scared…its quick and then bam! Baby comes right out. :slight_smile:

Awwww, he’s goreous! You are blessed! :slight_smile: I’m glad everything went well with your labor and that he is a happy healthy boy.

congrats – he is so handsome! and has such a great smile!

Thanks ladies. A great big smile and a great big angry cry too when he is mad lol. hahaha :slight_smile:

wow is that one precious little bundle! So glad to hear all is well with you both. He’s gorgeous, and it’s a terrific strong name. Welcome Kweli, and congrats Mama!

Just saw your post. Congratulations. He is simply beautiful. Hope all is well.

Thanks ladies! you guys helped out a lot :slight_smile: