Hey all I have a fairly big issue please help!

Hey it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here BUT I know there’s someone out there who’s had this issue. I was in a really bad motorcycle accident several years ago and basically that’s where the pain meds started I’ve been on 4 10mg oxycodone for 7 years. I finally had enough and quit them cold turkey 5 days ago! Yay right? Wrong when I was on them I had a extremely low basal rate on my pump and my sugar level changed in 20 minutes from 300 to 100 etc. I’ve been diabetic since 12 now 33 and I’ve never had control before my accident high sugars didn’t effect me and lows were no big deal just would feel it dropping and eat candy done back to work (was a workaholic :slight_smile:). Like I said I’ve finally had enough I’m tired of the feeling the give me now it’s more I take them just out of routine and I don’t feel better like I once did. So now here’s where my issue is I haven’t had 1 in over 5 days now and my BG is high I mean the lowest I’ve had is 244 (which is basically normal for me) so I ate and bang it’s high I was taking .900-1 unit basal which was good keep my sugar constant until I eat. At the moment I’m taking 1.5 units basal and just took 1 unit bolus which while on them I’d take .15 unit if it was 300 and it would drop to 200. What should I do I have them still I was thinking about taking a half of one but if that helps at all it will be temporary. I REALLY REALLY don’t want to take any I’m so done with them I feel so much better in 5 days beyond withdrawal symptoms. Should I pump up the basal? Will this pass eventually? I mean it’s gotta right… please help!

I don’t think a total withdrawal is a great idea. Better to taper them slowly and let your body adjust over time. But if you’re going to do it that way I would monitor Bg closely and adjust basal accordingly until your body adjusts to the new normal. I think you should consult your doctor about this?

Yea I’m not able to taper with them and I don’t want to. I’ve been clean for a while know I got my sugar lower it’s 248 right now I just had to take a lottt of insulin. Just thought maybe someone has been threw this already that’s on here thank you and I will be contacting my doctor.

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Great! I hope someone comes long who has experience with this.

Without knowing anything about how coming off the pain meds will effect your insulin needs, I would guess that yes, you’re running high because the pain meds are gone. It’s kinda the reverse of having your BG go wildly high with many other meds.

So, yes, I would definitely raise both your basal and your bolus/correction dosing, until the meds have finally worked their way out of your system. I would also consult with your doc to get an idea of how long this might take.

If you have a CGM, it can really be a huge help at this point. If you see your correction hasn’t made a dent, you can take appropriate action, or conversely, if you see that your correction has made a gaping downhill run, you can take appropriate action.

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Brian, first of all, congrats on five days off the pills :clap: Are you sure pump is working ok? I had a little episode this weekend, spending 24+ hrs running 280-330 which is very rare for me. Turns out the needle thing on the infusion set had bent into a U! I kept taking the right correction with no effect. Never smelled insulin leaking or felt anything wet. I remembered the CDE said to change everything & inject manually. So that’s all i can think to suggest…i would change everything out & not assume the high bg are related to the pills yet.

Also, even if you feel ok, that doesn’t mean your body isn’t feeling the effects/stress of withdrawal. So i agree that checking constantly is a good idea until you can nudge those bg down. Sorry i can’t be more helpful.

Sending prayers your way for strength & success in your recovery :blush:

Brian its good to tamper slowly and let the body adjust with the chemical supply. It can also impact your BGs levels. Good Luck!!

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