Hey guys, a little protein in urine T1 for 16 years, first time

Ok, let’s net this out. Recently, I went to my endo (also t1d) and I showed a little protein in my urine (t1d 48 years, podder omnipod 5)… i was a bit concerned but I went to my urologist for a standard check up… they also did a dipstick and saw a trace amount of protein. So…my doc did a comprehensive work up of my urine – sent off to the lab for a complete and much more sensitive analysis

Results came back extremely NEG. No protein, no abnormalities whatsoever - less sensitive tests such as a dipstick do not always deliver accurate results - in other words, when looked at even closer - everything was fine - dipsticks are not as sensitive.

Oh and one more thing, my urologist’s name is Dr. Weiner :slight_smile:


Awesome, glad to hear it.

I think it is worth noting that, if you do not have retinopathy, or just early stages of retinopathy, then it is quite rare to have evidence of nephropathy like micro or maco albumin…

Retinopathy almost always precludes it. But not the other way around.

Interesting that retinopathy precludes nephropathy… why is that?


I think it is the fact that the vessels in the eyes are the tiniest and easiest to damage. If there is no damage there, there is very likely no damage to an organ that is more robust, like the kidneys.

Hmmmm I’m not sure… high sugars promote vessel growth in the eye, however, the vessels themselves do not form properly - their walls are weak and therefore easy to bleed. What it says above is that if you have retinopathy you won’t have nephropathy… i don’t get that.


That is not what I meant, if it was from my statement. What I mean to say is that retinopathy without kidney disease or albuminuria is common, but kidney disease without retinopathy is rare.