Hey Guys Help my cousin out on the U500 insulin

My coisin is having his 1st experiance after being changed from U100 to U 500 insulimn. Please guys let him know what can happen after trying it for the 1st time!!!!

I've never used U500 insulin. U500 is a concentrated form of Regular,. It's doesn't act like rapid acting. It takes several hours to begin working & lasts 5-7 hours. It's usually taken in two doses, if that's what his doctor suggested..

Of course, doses are different than what he was previously taking.

An interesting discussion of U-500 is here. U-500 has a longer duration of action that even R, lasting upwards of 24 hours. So there are some tradeoff involved with using U-500. Basically, U-500 will be a poor bolus insulin but it will enable smaller injection volumes and better consistency in dosin.. Most people switch to U-500 when they are very insulin resistant and require large insulin doses. Doses of insulin over 50 units absorb poorly (in fact Dr. B recommends that you only inject 7 units max and split larger doses over multiple injections with the same needle). So many people find that their total number of units needed falls because of better absorption. Thus you will have to adjust your carb factor and ISF. And you really need to make a number of other subtle adjustments that require some expertise. Given the possibility of markedly lower dosing being needed, it is prudent to be conservative in figuring out starting doses. It would not be wise to just think that you need the same number of units of U-500 as you needed with U-100. I would strongly advise consulting with a CDE before attempting to make this switch.

And most importantly, if you forget you are using U-500, you do run the risk of injecting 5 times more insulin than you should, a rather bad error.

here's a link to Doris' cousin's page