Hey Guys!

Hi everyone, my name is Emily and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have had type one diabetes since 1997 (9 days after my birthday and a week before the 1st day of 6th grade). I am the only person in my family with the disease. I am currently using an Animas pump, but in November my warranty is up and I am looking into switching to the OmniPod. I stumbled upon this site when researching the OmniPod. I am very interested in hearing what Omni wearers have to say about the pump.

A little bit about me:
Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and His love is perfect, unfailing and sure. I am amazed that He would even dare to love someone like me. I don’t deserve it but maybe that’s the beauty of grace. I am full time student, and I also work full time for an investment firm. My family and friends mean the world to me. I LOVE Gator football!

If you have any information about the OmniPod or anything else, hit me up. I love to chat and meet new people :slight_smile:

Hi Emily,

there are a lot of pos users here so I am sure you will get more direct feedback. In the meantime there is alos the “insulin pumpers” forum at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

I hope you are well! -Joe

Wow Emily, two full-time occupations. How do you manage that?

I recently changed pumps and went from a Minimed to a Cozmo. I don’t think I’m ready for the OmniPod. Maybe when it gets a little smaller.