Hey Mom! You need some new clothes!

Yup! that is exactly what I woke up to today. All my jeans are too big. I dug deep and came up with a pair of size 14’s. Yikes! They fit and not skin tight. Just comfy:) I’m down to a steady 175 for the past few days.
I think Byetta is really helping me along. I started taking it in my tummy and less nausea is a great result. On the other hand last night an hour after dinner my bs was 70. Talk about being surprised! I checked myself every hour.
Without doing anything I went up. First hour 72,100,112,145!I wonder why the spike that way? I went to bed disgusted.

Byetta slows stomach emptying. So the food you eat may sit in your stomach for many hours before it starts to digest. When it does digest, it will raise your blood sugar.

That explains your numbers!