Hey everyone. So my friend just found out she has ADD and she is really bumd about it. She has been trying to find a website like tudiabetes but has had no luck. Anyone Know a website i could tell her. I think talking to other people like her would help cause i know it has helped me

Hope your friend can find something. It makes you realize how lucky we are to have tuD!

I'd suggest googling ADD or ADHD (I'm not sure what, if anything, the difference is? I think that ADHD might have become the message board but it might be like LADA/MODY/ T1, etc.?) "message boards" as I think the technical term for our forum is "message board"? I think that this is my preferential way to interact online. I like FB but don't like it for D stuff as much.

hi Anna, I just found this one


it's set up on the Ning platform, like TuDiabetes, so it will look and operate similarly. so you could help her figure it out.