Hi all.. newbie here

Well, not newly diagnosed. Just a newbie to the forum/site.

I guess I’ll introduce myself… I’m Connie. 40. Diagnosed over ten years ago with type II. Docs tried me on about everything they had in the form of pills. Didn’t work. They told me I wasn’t following the plan… I was. Made me feel about three millimeters tall… so I hopped on the compliance roller coaster. Sometimes I was compliant, sometimes I wasn’t… most of the time I fell somewhere in between. Doing absolutely what I had to do to keep from killing myself.

Recently, my hubby was diagnosed type II. Since he has too much on his health plate to deal with anyway, I decided I needed to stop monkeying around with this and get serious. I was referred out to an endo because my A1C was 9.4. She asked if I was type I or type II. I told her I’d been told both and had been on insulin for over six years. Mainly just lantus and when I’m being ‘good’ using an extremely disciplined form of diet and exercise to keep my sugars, uh, well, not down, but I suppose better than six hundred? She ran the GAD 65 and c-peps on me. Long story short, I think she’s heading toward putting me on the pump. I needed to see those numbers so that I could resolve this whole thing in my head.

All these years, I’ve been operating on the assumption that I still had some insulin production left, and maybe I did. When I was being very disciplined and ‘compliant’, I was working out two and a half hours a day and eating mainly salads and fruits with lean meats. I was able to maintain a 6.9-7.2 A1C on sixty units of lantus a day and with that sort of regimen.

Needless to say, I got burned out and quit.

So here I am. I’m ready to turn the page, grab this thing by the… uh… you get it… and move on.

Thanks for allowing me to join. Thanks for allowing me to tell my story.

So glad that you found us Connie!

And that you are finally getting treatment that matches your condition!

This is a great place for support and for reminders that you are not alone. Hope that you will join in many of our discussions! Keep us posted on progress with the pump!

The Endo sounds like he’s with it! Congratulations! Enjoy all the information here! There’s so much! Love it! And WELCOME!

Welcome to TuDiabetes. A lot of us have stories similar to yours. It’s really frustrating when you’re trying your best and numbers don’t show improvement. It sounds like you and your endo are going to get things under control! Look at the LADA group here at TuDiabetes. And if you decide on a pump, whatever else you do, get and read the book Pumping Insulin (4th Edition) by John Walsh. I consider it a pumper’s Bible! It explained so many things to me when I started pumping.

By the way, I’m in Roanoke, Virginia. There are also some regional groups you might want to check out.

Hello Connie, great to hear your story. We all struggle with Diabetes, we all do our best, sometimes we get tired of the whole thing. Really glad you found TU, it keeps us focused and lets us feel less isolated. Hope you stay and meet plenty of new friends here.

Hey Connie,

I just hate the way Doctors have this imperious attitude that they just KNOW you are not following the regiment. They are lucky it was not me. After a few times telling me that I was not following a regiment when I was,…they would have got a hearty…“F_ck you!..Wanna accuse me of lying again?!” from me…then I would have said, “now…lets figure out what is really wrong.” I don’t take crap from anyone no matter how big an ego or high their rank is.

Hi Connie,I can totally relate to your story! I was the queen of denial for a long time and now I’m paying for it. My A1C was 11 and I’ve had a sore on the bottom of my foot for 2 months. I’ts healing slowly but surely. I’m on Lantus an Januvia and my sugars are good as long as I eat NO CARBS at all. I’m considering asking my doc for Aprida,since it’s made by the same company as Lantus. I’m SOOOOO glad I found this site! I’ts my support group!


Hi Connie,

Wanted to add my welcome! Happy you’re here. Wonderful that you now have a good endo. Not easy to find one who’s sensitive to our concerns.

Many people are more carb sensitive/insulin resistant in the morning & need more insulin to cover carbs at breakfast. Like others, I have different carb ratios for breakfast, lunch, dinner. That may be why your post breakfast reading was high. Something to discuss with the endo, so keep good logs of carb intake, doses & all readings. Do you know your correction doses/ratio? Five units seems like a lot to take & hope you didn’t send yourself crashing. Everyone is different & I use Apidra to correct highs, but 1 unit of Apidra lowers my BG 60 pts.

Please keep us posted!

Hey Connie,

Everyone’s ratios are different based on weight, level of physical activity & personal biochemistry (that’s the toughest part!). Our female hormones also factor in. Illness & infection play additional havoc.

A new vial of insulin is the most potent & it loses potency as it approaches the expiration date. I was on Lantus & would have rising BG as it approached the 28th day, so keep an eye on this. Now I’m on Levemir, which holds its on for almost 6 weeks. For me, Levemir was more level than Lantus. People react differently to different brands, so don’t hesitate to ask your doctor to change if you’re not getting good results.

As a general guideline, most people are most insulin resistant in the morning & evening. Morning rises are usually attributed to the dawn phenonmenon, when our lives dump sugar in preparation for the day. Evening resistance is probably because it’s typically the heaviest meal & when we’re least active. My smallest dose of insulin is in the afternoons & when I have lows. It’s from all the running around, just as you experienced.

It’s constant tweaking. Good records are the only way to figure this out. A good endo will carefully examine your logs & make adjustments.

Eighty units is quite a bit. Do you take this in one dose? Many people have better control taking basal in two doses. Lantus doesn’t last 24 hours as claimed & your fasting BG will tell if you should be one two doses.

Did your endo give you a target BG for morning fasting, two hours after meals & between meals? Ideally, you want to be under 100 fasting. My target between meals is 90 & 120 after meals. Yea, well that’s the goal anyway:)

Another reading suggestion is Dr. Richard Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. Also Jenny’s site & book http://www.bloodsugar101.com.


Seriously, don’t take crap from them. You may not want to be as blunt as I am if you’re not comfortable with that, but you can look them in the eye and tell them…“I do not appreciate being called a liar!”

Also, if they are telling you that they have never seen anyone with an A1C over 7, I would lay money they are LYING to you. I mean it…they are LYING to you. OR, they have not been practicing medicine long. Either way, I would question their competence as medical professionals.

If you are interested, I have a really good friend who, himself is a type 1 and has had diabetes for over 50 years and is more healthy than most guys without diabetes in their 30’s. He has helped many people who are both Type 1’s and Type 2’s. I talked to him and told him of your version, he swears he could help. His name is Mike Kemp. He is registered on this site. He helped me right after my diagnosis on May 9 of this year. I had a blood sugar of 267 and an A1C of 11. Mike helped me to lower my blood sugar to around 90 with in 10 days. I will find out soon what my A1C is as I just had some blood drawn today and will find out on July 13. If you would like get ahold of my friend Mike, his email is minutemn at gmail.com. Feel free to mention my name. BTW…you think I am rough on Doctors…LOL…you should see Mike…they are really afraid of him because he astounds them with people he has helped and they have no explanation. My doctor was blown away totally. He just told me to keep doing what I am doing.

Jenny’s blog is great.

90 after dinner–fantastic!

I’ve switched to decaf because caffeine sends me high & it appears to have this effect for many. I’ve had mixed results from physical activity also. Seems to depend on the time of the day. If it’s in the morning, I get high BG. Must be further liver dumping thanks to dawn phenonmenon is my best guess. If it’s an after dinner spike, walking seems to do nothing to bring it down. Exercise in the afternoon sends me low.


I’m 51, LADA. also in Roanoke Valley. Day 3 of insulin…don’t know what my numbers will be like or if I can have a sandwhich again. I’ve been controlling this roller coaster ride with a low carb diet. I’m still in disbelief that my Type 2 moved to a Type 1 diagnosis after the Anti GAD. But it all makes sense. I didn’t have any of the clues for Type 2. I’m not overweight, I’m fit, no family history etc… So you talked of regional groups, how can I find one.

I would love to hear if you get an answer on the heart palpitations. I’ve had a lot of these over the last few years and doctors keep telling me there’s nothing to worry about. I also have Celiac disease so I worry about whether its some kind of vitamin deficiency. The Novolog is not a factor I had thought of before. Changing from Novolog to Humulog some time ago (since then I switched back) did not make a difference to the problem for me.