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My name is Melissa and I have a mother with Type 2 Diabetes. I signed her up to use this device that creates an automatic logbook and sends her reminders on her phone. Have any of you heard of Gocap?


This looks like a useful technology. I’m a great believer in following my diabetes data. Watching data can lead to helpful information and better decisions. Not to mention the help remembering what you did and when. Good for you looking out for your mom!

Gocap website with animation.

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Hi Terry! Thanks, family first! and I absolutely agree. Now that she is able to see her data, she knows when to take the next one. The app even allows her to add manual entries of her food intake and BG readings. I got the Gocap for her for free. Do you think you would be interested in getting on for yourself?

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No, I don’t use an insulin pen, but would get something like that if I did. I do track, with other applications, all my insulin pump deliveries, continuous glucose monitor (blood sugar) every 5 minutes around the clock, and fingerstick glucose readings. I’m a data nerd but see how tremendously it’s improved my health over the years. I definitely agree with the engineering aesthetic that you can’t change it if you don’t measure it.

Good luck with your mom!

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Hi there, Melissa. I haven’t used that device, but I use something similar. Thanks for being a proactive advocate for your mother. We love our diabetes support persons, LOL. Sometimes we call you type III’s.

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Hi there! That’s great, what device do you use?

Absolutely! I understand how drastically diabetes can change a person’s lifestyle and the complications it brings when it is not under control. I like the category, let’s advocate for it!

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I use a Dexcom Continuous Blood glucose sensor. https://www.dexcom.com/

Ah yes, I am familiar with Dexcom CGMs. They are a great tool to keep track of your highs and lows without constant fingersticks. I think if it is used in conjunction with Gocap it will be a great way to keep track what meals and dose amounts are causing certain symptoms. I got the Gocap for my mom for free. Do you think you would be interested in getting on for yourself?

They should hire you as a sales rep.

haha right, just like to help the community :grin: