Hi at all!

Hi,my name is Alessandro (Alex in English :-)))) ,i’m 43 years old and i leaving in Italy,from Novara,near Milano.
I discovered this community today and i sign in immediatly.

I’m diabetic Type 1 from 7th March 2007 and it’s a difficult life with Diabetes
, from all points

It took me three years to accept the disease, , and in fact tended to treat me very badly.

But now I care well and regularly with insulin (3-4 every day) with Apidra and Lantus for long insulin and I started to do activity 'sports (I like tennis, spinningbike, ski,trekking)

In the past year I have had substantial improvements and hope to continue.

Nice to meet you and I’m glad you are making progress.

If you like playing tennis, one interesting thing I’ve tried is to play non-competively, just rally and work with your partner to keep the ball in play? I had played a lot in high school and occasionally over the years but read this interesting book Rambo and the Dalai Lama for a class I had.

We had a college reunion and nothing to do in the morning so a buddy of mine and I went out to play. We hit the ball around for a while and he said “let’s play a game!” and I said "nah, let’s just keep hitting, non-competively? After a while, we really got into a neat groove with it, the game flowed a bit differently and I really had a good time. I’ve played a few times since then and it worked our really well and seems to be fun. I think that you get a better workout because if you are not trying to hit ‘winners’ all the time, you 1) don’t have to stop to get the ball and 2) get a better feel for how to hit to and with he person but, at the same time, your partner(s) help you because you get focused on keeping it going if someone hits an errant bad shot away from their partner?

ciao alessandro
glad you are doing better with your diabetes
and yes the exercise will help with your numbers

keep it up and all will be good…

I always wondered how Italians could have Diabetes and not have a beast of a problem. You all eat so much Pasta and starchy stuff. How do you manage to change your diet and get your Blood Sugars under control?

Exercise is good, and I know you will learn lots around here, and enjoy it, and I hope you can get passed the part that Diabetes treats you badly. I think we all know doing the right things can help our BS and control. I am sure you will learn this too.

You will here many around her talk of eating Low carb, and even to me thats what works.
I’m type 1 too:) Debbie

Welcome to TuDiabetes, Alessandro! Yes, for many accepting having Type 1 is hard. But here you will find people who understand. I’m so glad you are doing better!

Welcome, Alessandro! Glad you found us. Look forward to getting to know you.

Welcome Alex…And I have visited your beautiful country in 2006 …I did a full marathon in Rome ( walked it in 6 hours and 27 min ) with my favourite Team Diabetes Canada organization . Never dreamed I could :slight_smile: …Hubby treated me on a 9 day bus tour …and darn, could not hobble around in Venice …one plus : loved your skinny pizza’s .
PS am originally form the Netherlands ( had an Italian boy friend in the late fifties !) …be well , ciao TuD. buddy

Benvenuto, Alex.

The people here will help you as much as they’ve helped me; people are very kind and knowledgeable (I’m still learning).

Diabetes is very difficult, but it is easier with support from other diabetics.

I am a Type 2, diagnosed in 2002.


Hi debbie,

Eh eh, I know, you think the pasta for diabetics as badly hurt and that it can make a Mediterranean diet rich in carbohydrates.

Contrary to popular belief, and in my personal experience, you can ‘eat more’ or less of everything, without going beyond particular eating so many vegetables , but also pasta, rice, pizza (Do you like pizza ? I liked :_)))

The diet should be balance and sports, as I’m doing lately, it should be so much better and control my diabetes very well.

I decreased by 30% units’ of insulin I take, thanks to balanced diet and the sports practiced.

To date, in perfect shape, a nice boy :-)))


Thanks at all for your replys !!!

Alex- Welcome to TuD. We are glad you found the site, it is a wonderful place to learn about living successfully with D. The people here are very friendly and will support you when you have a problem with your BS or any other problem. We have lots of Groups for people with like interests that you can be a part of -like the sports you mention. I am also a T-1 for the past 12 years. I find being a member of the DOC ( diabetic online community ) is very beneficial to my physical and mental health.

Alex, I love Good Pizza, and scrap off the topping, NO crust, a big pile of goodness, and to Rice & Pasta, I don’t eat it. I eat meat, and all other proteins, and lots and lots of veggies, and I do with no trouble eat fresh in the skin and baked Yams and Sweet Potatoes.
But I take 2 shots a day. I know I could use shots of a different kind for meals and that would allow for more cheating, but I have no medical Ins, and am doing what I can.

I think everyone is different, and thats ok too:) I hope you learn lots here, I have:) Enjoy Italy, its snowing here:) Debbie