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Just got the great news today that my A1C is 6.0! Whohoo!!!! It was 8.3 a year ago when I was diagnosed I begged my doctor to let me diet and exercise first before prescribing medication and I did it, I also lost 25lbs and I am on weight watchers. Just wanted to share this with someone. Today is a good day for me!
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Congratulations! Yup, diet and exercise can work wonders!

Thank you : ) I am just so happy I don’t have to take meds for diabetes for now. Now I have to work on lowering my Cholestoral

The diet-and-exercise you’re following for diabetes should also help somewhat with cholesterol. Another thing that can sometimes help is adding in a fish oil supplement, or adding ground flaxseed meal to your breads and yogurts

I am starting to take omega 3 tabs, what is flaxseed and how can I get it? Does it come in a paste or spread? BTY thanks for the great info!

Great JOB!!! Keep up the GOOD work.

Thanks, its an ongoing process : )

Flax seed is a seed that needs to be ground before the body can use it. You can buy it in many supermarkets in the baking aisle, or in the health food stores. You can buy whole seeds and grind them yourself, or seeds already ground into meal, or just the flaxseed oil (in either liquid or capsule form). I usually either buy the whole seeds or the meal, keep it refrigerated so it doesn’t spoil, and put about 2 tablespoons (13 g) into my morning yogurt, or if I’m having oat bran, into my morning oat bran.

Congratulations…I hope you are so proud of yourself. I am sure your efforts were not easy.
Flax seed oil needs to be refrigerated, so is usually in the cold case at the health food store. You can make salad dressing with it (or just add it to a prepared one,) and use it that way. It has a mild, slightly nutty taste. Fish oil capsules are the most effective and easiest way to get those Omega 3’s (other than eating Salmon or other fatty fish, a few times a week,) but some people have a problem with burping up a very fishy taste. (I don’t.) I’ve read that the tendency to do so goes away gradually.
Again…great job!

Thanks Elaine and tmana, I will be going shopping tomorrow for some flax seed

Congratulation jayb.Many members in my family kept their diabetes in control on diet and losing weight for years now.

Just make sure you grind them (a coffee grinder works well) and refrigerate what you don’t use…it will keep for a few days ground.

Jayb, have you tried cinnamon? I keep reading that it is helpful in controlling BS for T2’s. I believe a 1/2 t a day is all that is called for. Something you may want to look into.
Again, good job…I am so happy for your success.

Welcome and greeting from CANADA, where INSULIN was discovered by DRS.BANTING & BEST, July 30 1921 and will give you some advice I have learned since being insulin-dependent since 1977, and a 91 year,young,geezer. 1. get yourself a good diabetic specialist, 2. wear a MEDIC-ALERT bracelet,that can SPEAK for you when you cannot speak for yourself, 3. get yourself a DIABETIC BUDDY, someone you are in DAILY contact,they could SAVE YOUR LIFE, 4. Listen to your body, it tells you when to eat, rest,and exercise. 4, THE DIABETIC THAT KNOWS MOST ABOUT THEIR DIABETES ,WILL LIVE THE LONGEST. Congratulation on your progress and remember that IF YOU BELEIVE, YOU WILL ACHIEVE, AMIGO clarence.haynes@sympatico.ca

thank you all for the warm welcome!

I have heard the same about cinnamon, and have started using it in my morning oatmeal. All great tips! I am so glad that I found this website : )