Hi everyone

My name is Rachael and I hail from a tiny Island known as the Isle of Man. I am here really to gain knowledge of my condition (I prefer not to call this a disease as it is medically called), receive any help but also to help others with their issues whenever possible.

I am most of the time happy go lucky but sometimes diabetes and various other things get me down (as I am sure they do with most of you). I have travelled extensively as it's one of my hobbies, I love art, performing art, photography and sailing too (although not so much in the cold atlantic waters). I also love hiking, nature and animals.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 17 (I am 31 now) although had problems with this during high school which went unrecognised for years. Eventually after screaming at my GP with utter frustration I got diagnosed, rushed to hospital and placed on a drip. Eventually, once recovered, I got referred to endo here on the Island. Overall I have never been overly impressed by the diabetic clinic on the Island but being such a tiny place I don't really have a large choice ie just them or nobody. They never have the correct medical records or any knowledge which has been of benefit and never seem overly enthusiastic about helping me control my diabetes. This might explain why I have nearly died once due to a severe diabetic hypo and currently my HbA1c is 9.7%. I only found out about carb ratios through internet research two or three years ago, along with post prandial spikes and dawn phenomina. It wasn't until I temporarily moved to the UK that I had my multiple hypos sorted out and managed to get my weight to an acceptable level and feel almost human again. It's been an exhausting process however I see it that I am lucky to be here today to share my experience and knowledge and help others also, whenever I can.

I am also part of another diabetic forum, who without their help I wouldn't be here feeling as optimistic and happy as I do. I am happy to join here too as everyone seems friendly and helpful and as I said I hope to help others too. I feel we are all in this together and there are tough times and there are good times but it's important to strive through and be there for each other whenever we can.

Currently as I mentioned, my HbA1c is 9.7% (not great I hear you cry) but I am aiming to get it down to 6.5% in around 6 months time or less. Fingers crossed I don't have complications right now and I hope to keep it that way. Also fingers crossed I gain better control in the not too distant future. I have to say I rarely rely on the system here to help me nowadays, and gain most of my knowledge from the internet and others.

Anyway that is more or less about me and my diabetes in a nutshell. Wishing you all happy holidays and all the best for New Year 2011 and beyond!

Rachael :-)



My great great grandfather was born in Braddan, Isle of Man in 1826. He moved to Rochester New York and the family grew. Small world! I looked it over on Google Earth when I was doing genealogy. Lovely place!

I had to cross off oatmeal and potatoes and add more protein to keep me filled in order to drop the a1c. And I got ahold of the ups and downs of insulins by going low carb.

You'll enjoy swapping stories with everyone on here. Each one is different. Welcome again.

Welcome, Rachael. It makes me sad how much the medical field is failing PWD, whether on a small Island, or in a big city. But we can all be so grateful we are born in the age of the internet and diabetes forums like this one. Glad you joined us, and I’m sure you’ll meet your goal. Happy Holidays!

Welcome Rachael,

I've often thought that if I had to choose a chronic condition to live with diabetes would not be a bad choice, simply because the patient has the dominate role in determining the outcome. In other conditions you are completely at the mercy of the medical professionals treating you.

We are lucky to be living in the age of the internet because we can use it to educate ourselves and benefit from the experience of others via forums like this one.

I have found lot's of information and inspiration from people who are successfully treating their condition despite the poor advice they have received.

You can learn a lot here in a very short time, good luck.


I so much agree with your calling it a condition. The doctor who diagnosed me many years ago gave me advice that I try to live by: I say I have Diabetes not I am a diabetic. He explained that if I treat it like a condition I will have the upper hand and if I feel like a diabetic I may be giving up.


Welcome to the family. For a tiny place the Isle of Man seems populace, I have met like ten people from there. Again welcome to the family and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

My closest connection to the Isle of Man is that I have a Manx cat! :-) I looked up an information site, and found out that Stubbin means tailless cat in the Manx Gaelic dialect, so that's what I named him! You can see a picture of him (he's black and white) on my profile page.

As far as your diabetes goes, there are MANY of us who take matters into our own hands for lack of competent medical advice. I'm lucky -- after a diabetic coma, I just got a new endo, who is Type 1 himself and uses a pump. If I had had a good doctor, I would never have gone into the coma in the first place.

Anyway, welcome to TuDiabetes, and I'm sure you'll find a lot of good information and a lot of good friends here!


Natalie ._c-

Nice to meet you! I would think that the Isle of Man is sort of large, for an island? Then again, I am in Illinois where there are about maybe a dozen islands, none of which are > 5' above the water nor more than 300 yards long?

I like 'condition' > 'disease' too. To me, a disease is something that goes away after a while, like the flu, or kills you, like Ebola.

Welcome! I’m surprised the Isle of Man has an endo. My father is from Motherwell and we lived in Aberdeen for years. I agree with you on the not calling it a disease. I like to think I became too awesome for my pancreas to handle!

Welcome Rachael- This is really a terrific site to get info and learn about D from the people who really know about it, because we live 24/7 with it. I have learned more in the year that I have been a member than from the docs during the 12 years since I was dx’ed. You will definitely get any advice and help you might want to lower your A1c. There are a lot of groups you can join that can give you info about eating and carb counting. Wishing you best of luck on Tu, and a Happy 2011.

Ha ha a Manx cat - excellent! :slight_smile: My job prohibits me looking at photos but I will sure to check him out later today or tomorrow at home! Yes the only cats that have no tails are Manx cats. There is a pub / bar here called ‘The cat with no tail’ also. I have three cats but none of them are Manx - love them! :slight_smile:

Hi Leo2 - that’s interesting. It’s a small world indeed. It is also a small Island but there seems to be connections everywhere. Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to our community!! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday season!! :-) It's been interesting reading everyone's comments here and on my page also.

I got my fasting BG level down to 4.4mmol this morning (that's around 79.2mg/l I believe). It's the best morning reading I have had in a while so pretty happy!

This is true however sometimes we are at the mercy of the insurance companies (US etc) or in Isle of Man the NHS system. Sorry if this seems like a rather pessimistic view but overall we are sometimes forced to pick and choose insulins which we do not wish to be on or that we cannot afford. For instance in the Isle of Man if I want to stop my multiple hypos and insomnia (today on NYE I am suffering from yet again) I have to get the pump. They informed me due to the NHS budget I would have to pay £2,000 (approx US$3,000) as a one off payment then pay extra for all the other bits despite paying over £100 a month for healthcare anyway. This is something I simply cannot afford so I live on MDI in the hope that one day my condition will be under control.

I know there are others worse off however on bad days like today I sometimes get so exhausted with it all. I do however keep a positive mindset as it is important and I won't let it spoil my NYE dinner tonight or party!! I also thank the universe for providing coffee today!! ;-)

Welcome Rachel !!!

I hope you find our little corner of the internet to be helpful in the information we can provide. i also hope you find us fun, lighthearted, gloomy when needed, accepting and most of all not weighted down by our condition. We welcome you and offer this one bit of sound advice. Have fun. We really love to show that we are beyond our condition.

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