Hi, I'm new here

Hello everyone,

My name is Delbert (though I also go by Delby a lot on the net.)

I’ve been type 2 for about 6 years but untill recently its been well under control with meds. This past year it seems to have gotten worse, and I’m starting to have health issues with it.

So 3 weeks ago I decided to embark upon lifestyle changes, mainly in my diet. I’ve given up soda (99%) eating healthier with a lot more fruit and veggies in my diet and less meat.

I’ve choosen (i.e. read made up myself) a diet plan that has its focus on “portion control” and eating more foods that have a Low G.I. index. In other words eating less and eating foods that don’t spike my blood sugar up.

I’d like to lose a bit of weight prob around 30 pounds, but that is a secondary issue as compared to trying to keep my blood sugar down and level. so far I’ve lost about 10 to 12 lbs… my scale keeps hopping up and down right now… lol

Welcome Delbert:)
LOL! You’re doing better than me on the “soda” issue. I havent managed to even think my way into tossing it out. sigh… It’s all I drink. Cant stand the water.
My scale is doing the same thing to me. I actually saw 179 a couple of days ago and then it went back to the normal fluctuation from 180 to 184. ugh…
Well, let’s keep on working those numbers down and pushin our chins up;)

Hello MeadowLark…

The “soda” issue is one of the hardest I must admit… As for the water, I’ve found that very cold water tastes the best to me so I fill a couple of water bottles and place them in the freezer untill they are just starting to get ice in them then move them to the fridge… very refreshing then and for some reason tastes much better… I figure I am drinking 4 to 6 bottles a day.

My problem with soda’s is I can’t stand diet ones. everyone tells me they “taste the same” or “you get used to them”, but every one i’ve tried has a horrible aftertaste that I think comes from the artificial sweetner they use. And I just can’t drink them… lol.


ever since i was diagnosed i lost all cravings for soda. ironic since i was drinking it by the gallon before i was diagnosed - i guess that because it’s cold, sweet and liquid i thought it would quench my thirst. i can’t remember what regular coke tastes like anymore and its only been 4 months since i was diagnosed. i reserve those for special treats. :slight_smile:

if ice water isn’t enough, try squeezing the juice from a wedge of lemon in. i love the sour tang and it wakes me up instantly! one little wedge per 500ml bottle is good for me.