Hi ! New here and have question about technology

So my A1c went from 6.2 to 7 recently and I am trying to test and track more often now. I am trying to control with diet and exercise as medications do not agree with me. Metformin and Januvia both caused bad muscle aches and stiffness.

But, in the meantime, I would like to know which meter has the best software for tracking blood sugars over a long period of time? I have an Accu-Check Guide meter and am not happy with the software app on my phone. I want to be able to look back at graphs of my blood sugar for 90 days minimum, maybe longer. I want to use bluetooth so I don’t have to input this stuff by hand.

Thanks in advance!!!

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I also use Accu-check guide i had a couple of other meters that didn’t transmit readings by bluetooth and it was such a pain to record reading on the phone. best app to track by far is mysugr been using it ever since i was diagnosed LADA almost three years ago. you can easily add tags to every reading like how much insulin you’ve injected what kind of food you ate and how much metformin you’ve taken. gives you nice reports as well up to 90 days on your phone and more detailed reports on the web interface
the app reads the BG measurement automatically on iphone and android so you only need to add the tags for your own reference (sort of adding context to that reading or that point in time)
it does have a companion app to take pictures of readings on meters that don’t have bluetooth then it will add these for you.

Thanks Mo! That sounds like a good program. I once used a Bayer meter but my insurance covers the Accu Check the best. I am going to call them today to see if they have some other software that I have missed. Thirty days is not enough!
Best of luck to you!