Hi Tech, and the Contour USB

Howdy all, I just got my Contour USB and being a computer guy and also having several diabetics in my family.

We needed a way that we all could use a central location to input our data and access it remotely.

My solution was it install the Glucofacts software on a webserver (Windows home server)

And place the data base in a shared folder.

I have several of thes meters that I leave everywhere.

And connect via remote connection back to input my readings, I have to do this manually while away from home or using my Iphone.

But while at home I just plug it in to any computer in my home and zingo auto update.

This makes it very convenient, I just wish I could push the database back to the Contour so it's a true bi-directional synch.

Each family member has their own database so thee's no cross entries, it's easy to prevent as each logon can only see the appropiate database.

I use this meter, and recently got another one as a backup. But when I plug in the backup it says that it needs to overwrite the data that has been stored. How do I get around this so I can use both meters to update the database?

If you havent already download the Deluxe version from Bayer, you can use the link on your meter.
When you do the install specify an existing database.
I have used four different meters this way and had no issue’s.
If I remember right it does say it will overwrite but it does not.
To be safe make a copy before you do this though.

I have had no problems with the meter or the software. I use the professional version in the Glucofacts Deluxe which has room for several individual names. All you would need to do is add those names and click on them when you need to download the info… I believe the regular Deluxe version has the same thing. If you have problems there is an 800 number on the Meter box that you can call for tech help.

Here if you need help. Chele

just a bit of an update on the HiTech aspects.
I loaded the Glucofact software on an HP windows home server basically a fancy NAS device.
And now I have found a piece of software called “USB Redirect RDP edition” from incentivepro.com
What this allows me to do is to connect from any computer over the internet via an RDP session back to my Nas device and connect my ContourUSB meter as if I’m sitting at home.
I can be at a coffee shop, the library or where ever I want and still upload my meter logs, view and edit Glucofacts from anywhere.
This would be a very expensive proposition for most folks but I use this equipment for other purposes as well.
But if anyone else has a good internet connection and a Network attached storage device this could be an option.
I also use PocketCloud from Wyse to access this same setup from my Iphone.
Of course without a USB port I have to make entries manually, Usually when I go camping/fishing and use a disposable meter (True2Go) for that so I dont loose my contourUSB.

OK for all you road warriors, I got a little trick for you.
If you own a “Windows Home Server” can be had for approx $200 entry level - $400 fancier/newer models
You can place your Glucofacts database on this device, then from any machine you have at home it can use the same database.
So if you use you laptop or desktop it doesn’t matter.
But the real trick is how about while your at work?
Well after reading that the original Contour meter used a serial connection to transfer it’s data.
I purchased one and the serial cable used an RDP (Remote desktop Protocol) connection to connect back to my windows home server.
Ran the Glucofacts software and what do ya know it saw the meter and downloaded my test reading.
So now I can use either ContourUSB or original Contour to update the same database from anywhere without manually inputting readings.
I also found a way to do the USB Contour remotely but it’s expensive approx $100 for the software.
No thanks the Original Contour was FREE, and the cable cost $24 from Bayer and they both use the same strips.

OK, heres a bit more HighTech stuff for you.

Once an entry is made by the meter you can’t delete it.

You cant clear the meter so you end up with bogus entries skewing your averages and messing up your pretty reports to your doc.

Well I have found a work around of sorts.

You can edit the database directly by using “SQLite Database Browser” google it for a download it’s free.

By locating the errant entry and setting its ID for “IsDeviceReading” to zero, the data base checksum no longer matches and this causes an error.

The database ignores this entry, and the meter will not overwrite the entry on it’s next download.

I havent figured out how to be able to edit the entry only how to get the database to ignore an entry.

This does cause a warning at startup, but doesn’t effect functionality.

BTW deleting the entry entirely allows the meter to simply put it back at next download so this method acts as a place holder and blocks the download.