Hi there just wanting to know how people and their families cope with the illness

hi there i’m janet i care 4 my twenty four year son who had diabetes and pancreatitis as well as severe learning disability.george is unable to give his self his insulin injections he’s a happy young man who never moans and just lets me give him is insulin shots…and i am so happy to have found this website and to find out how other people and their families cope with the diabetes …thank janet fallows

Welcome to the community Janet!!

Welcome Janet! When my wife and I first married, I used to eat only when she ate, measured everything, and ate the same foods. I needed to understand what she had to go through. I even tested my blood sugars with her for a while (too expensive to continue). Knowledge and understanding is the best way. I still help her put her pump site in every few days, and I can’t help feeling her pain even when she tells me she can’t feel it. At any rate, that may be more than you wanted to hear from a complete stranger, but well that’s just part of my story, and I am sure you have many of your own to share. So, welcome!

George is a lucky man to have you to care for him. I assume you have someone to relieve you so you can stay fresh. Welcome to Tu!

My self and my family turns to God knowing that He is right there by our side no matter what we are going through. We know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I have never had to deal with a long term situation such as yours but having worked in a Nursing Home I have observed similar situations so I think I know how difficult it must be. You sound like a very loving mother and George is truly blessed to have you for a mother.

I am so glad that George is happy and doesn’t complain. That puts a lot of us to shame!!

I am so glad you found this site and look forward to hearing more about you and George.


You’re one amazing & supportive husband!

Hi Janet,

Welcome! Tons of info here & wonderful people to help, so ask anything you need to know to help George have good control. Do you have to test for him? Hope there’s a lot testing.

Must be difficult & emotionally exhausting being the caretaker. My diabetes is harder on my husband in many ways than it is on me. He worries constantly that I’ll go low when no one is around. He tries hard to understand what it feels like for me & it drives him crazy that he can’t “fix” me, or really understand. He frets about complications down the road. It’s all beyond his control & that’s the worst part for him.

I’m a terrible patient when sick. Must make things easier to have a happy, cooperative son. He’s a cutie!

There’s so much support here, so don’t be shy.

It was not a surprise to us when I got the word that I was diabetic. What it was, was relief. It was something that I was in control of rather than a medical problem with no control on my part. For my family’s part in it, my immediate family has just adjusted to what I eat…which is also good for them. Sure they still have their snacks of which I don’t participate…sometimes having even a bite is enough to make it irrisistable.(sp)…so I do limit that. They had themselves tested and are okay for now…but they are aware of what I get to do to take care of me, and that has made them my best supporters. My extended family took it as a “death” sentence, as my grandmothers both died from diabetes. They have been a harder sell, but then I don’t see them often.

You ar an amazing woman, Janet, I know it can’t be easy on you, yet a labor of love rarely is easy.

thanks to every one 4 there messages…when i was told george had diabetes it knocked me and husband sick to the stomach .he was just struck down with diabetes and pancreatitis all of a sudden.weight loss was unbelieve able…and what made it worse was the docter said it was flu…in the end i just took him to hospital…thats when after havin tests we found out what he had…george never moan once always had a smile on his face…but children never complain do they…and thats what george is like a seven yearold in a twentyfour year s old body…my heart goe’s out to people specialy the very young who have diabetes and the strain it put on their carers who after look after their loved ones…take care…janet x

Welcome Janet. Happy to see you here. Your strength and dedication to your son is simply extraordinary and admirable. I have always believed that “Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”…My prayers are with you and your son.