hello everyone...

What a fun idea, and another great way to waste time at my boring day job in insurance and computers. On the side I have a blooming (sorry for the pun) floral business. I do custom events like weddings and parties. I have about 1 a month until the end of the year and I am totally psyched about it.

A little about me. I have had type 1 for almost 25 years. It will be 25 years the day after Christmas this year, and yes, you better believe we are going to have a party. I am a mimimed pumper for about 2 years. Although I did wear a mimimed 504 back in the mid-90's. This was just about the time that they came out with quick release (so you can disconnect from your pump) Pumping has come a LONG way since then.

I am an active alumni and avid supporter of the Barton Center in North Oxford, MA. I started as a camper in 1985 and I can gaurentee, without a doubt that I would not as healthy or happy had I not been exposed to CBC.

I have a blog that I update from time to time at carinthegarage.blogspot.com

I have a little project coming up -hopefully- in the next few months, that will take about 9 months to complete... it you catch my drift. And I plan on sharing all the ups and downs of a diabetic pregnancy. Who knows, maybe my hubbie will make a guest appearance.

That's what I've got for now... Hope you all have a great day!