High A1C because of High Post Meal BS

Hi, i am here for my fiancée. I am getting married to her this May or probably June. She is diabetic since last 20 yrs. She was very careless and i am sure her carelessness would have caused something bad to her. Although her Liver and Kidney are working fine but just got albumin 50 mg/l in her urine. Her A1c last checked was 11.5(i know its too high). After that test we are closely working to bring her A1c in control. Now, Her fasting remains around 120-150 and Post Meal around 300. Trying my best to bring Post Meal in control. She is on Lantus and Human Insulin R, we'll be changing her Regular insulin to Novorapid/Novolog very soon. Suggestion required to make her fit.

Changing to Novolog insulin will help since it gets into the system much faster, and can better match the peak of food digestion. But be careful of lows when you first switch.
Are you calculating mealtime insulin dosages based on carbs, and adjusting dosage to match the meal ? Also, many of us find that we need to wait 10-30 minutes after insulin, to begin eating. Everyone is different, so it is necessary to test BG frequently, and see when the insulin begins to work, and BG is dropping. With R, it can be up to 1 hour. For many, reducing simple carbs (processed foods, rice, breads, pasta, etc) can also help to control the post meal spike.

You may find the books Using Insulin by John Walsh, or Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Schreiner very helpful to understand how the different variables impact insulin requirements, and how to help achieve better control.