High Activity with NPH and Regular

My doctors were "kind" enough to put me on Humulin NPH and R after several years of pumping with a cgm sensor. I must say, this was a big change! I haven’t taken NPH and Regular since my diagnoses in the late 80s.

I am relatively active and since I am unable to adjust my insulin during activity, I find myself going low very often and loading up on glucose tabs and foods high in sugar and carbohydrates.

I've found a few successful techniques for controlling the hypos but I'd like to ask the tu family for alternative advice.

My diet: Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, seeds, Lean Meats (fish & Poultry) and cheese.

Thank you so much!

Why did your doctors put you on these older insulins; was it for economic reasons (like not having insurance coverage?)

I also used NPH + R in the 80's, before going on a pump. Sorry to hear you have to revert back to that. I used NPH at morning and bedtime, and R at morning and dinner. No carb counting back then, just 'exchanges' !

I have seen some posts indicating that if you split the NPH into multiple doses (3-4) times, you can achieve a more 'flat' effectiveness of the insulin, so it is more like the Lantus or Levemir insulins, or a flat basal on a pump.
Not much you can do with R other than to 'feed' the insulin, and plan activity to be when it's almost out of your system, or have food on board to cover it.

Yes, No insurance.It was the only insulin I could afford. Through blue shield I had to pay $40 a vial.

Thank you for the reply! Since you've posted, I take NPH 3 times a day and it has made a BIG difference.

Desiree, not a permanent solution, but Lilly offers a one-time free 5-pen box of Humalog with their coupon (check the Humalog site), Sanofi has some similar deal for Lantus. I'd bet Novonordisk has something like this too for Novolog, and Sanofi probably for Apidra too. Then, Levimir probably too.

In any case, get a scrip from your doc for Humalog pens, and get your free box -- that's 1500U of Humalog, free, in pens. If you have typical "normal" insulin sensitivity, that could last you quite a while!