High all the time! ;,,[

Last night I was high all the time! I did do corrections all the time, but it seams not working!!! Or may be cause I drink a cup of sugar!!! Yesterday around 5pm I drink a cup of “Vanilla Chi” (I know it is bad but I loved the smell and if I didn’t drink one I will die!!! LoL, I wanted it badly) and I said to my self "my BG will be high, but I will give it a correction bolus couple of time and it will be good, BUT NO IT DIDN"T WORK!!! Dang
Oh and my launch was rice and a veggie mix! I think I eat 2 cups! Oops But I did bolus correctly (hope so!)

Anyhow, so today in the morning since I was high, I didn’t eat my breakfast (until this moment) just drinking black coffee, since I know if I eat it my BG will go to the mountains and stuck there for the rest of the day! Jeez

Before I end, let me check my BG it is 244 mg/dl and it is 9:39 {Corrected with 3.10 units)

Today am not eating until you calm down my friend (D), lets see when will that be!

Tuesday (Today)
244 mg/dl 9:39 am
294 mg/dl 8:30 am 6/16/09 {correction =3.6 units}
359 mg/dl 6:49 am (Did a site change, first one was blocked so did it again!) and then corrected
337 mg/dl 3:49 am
422 mg/dl 1:23 am
406 mg/dl 1:17 am 6/16/09
423 mg/dl 11:50pm 6/15/09
324 mg/dl 9:55 pm {corrected and toke a bath)
Exercise at the gym for like an hour
406 mg/dl 7:43 pm
409 mg/dl 7:42 pm
164 mg/dl 3:39 pm
54 mg/dl 12:39 noon 6/15/09

I would like to add:
223 mg/dl 10:40 am {2.15u for correction}

My tummy growls and need to eat, but am still fighting! LoL just black coffee

LoL, Danny I just wrote you back on your page!!! hehehe
Will as you can see, NO! :frowning:
I don’t KNOW how to take a syringe! Believe it or not, but I never used a needle syringe, all I used was a needless injector! :o/

Could being high result in a heart attack!??!
Am coughing some and feel something weird near the heart!
May be it is working!!! LoL or may be crowded!!

Any chance your vial of insulin is bad?

Past that, I would suspect you’re sick, or getting sick… that’s makes me run fairly high and not respond well to corrections.

bad! hmmm I don’t think so!? But may be! I will change it and see, once am back home! Thx Sarah

OOOHOOOOO! it is 158 mg/dl FINALLY! at 12:28, now I can eat my lunch with no guilt :o)

WoW Christina, I believe we have a twin minds or something!!! I just posted on your page, while you were posting here!!! SPOOOKY LoL

Thanks for the encouragement and the nice hope, wish it be true always!! :slight_smile: