High Altitude and Cartridge Bubbles

I am in Colorado right now. Last night I had an unexpected high glucose reading. Started to correct, but decided to check the cartridge for bubbles. I eventually pumped out over 4" of bubbles through the tube. Can altitude affect this?

I've been to Colorado several times with my pump and have not had a problem with air bubbles in my cartridge. I have always found that I tend to run very low and need to decrease my basal rates when I am there. I have a Medtronic pump.

I agree 2 summers ago I went on a vacation to the Colorado Rockies. I did not have trouble with air bubbles, but I did have trouble with hypos.

It's my first trip to visit my son and family since they moved. They eat very little food, which is highly problematic, because if try to eat adequately, it causes problem with the children. I spoke with my son before the trip to let him know my needs, but all yogurt is sweetened, pizza was served last night and, since no grocery shopping had been done for a week, the only lunch choice was peanut butter. It has been a challenge.

As a result I am all over the map.....159 at wake up, 342 an hour later, then hit 49 before lunch. I am working to be diplomatic and safe, but it is a challenge.