High BG after rest day

Work is extra strenuous up and down 12 foot ladder carrying heave loads for ten hours for six days. My insulin goes from 60 down to 30 and had several lows on Friday. Had to tell the boss and go to lunch area after I ate all my candy. Day off ate carbs for 80 units of insulin. Then today after lunch I went super high. There is something about the day after a rest day that I need the full insulin dose. Athletes talk about carbo loading before a marathon. I think the muscles get loaded up with glucose ready for action. I was lucky the overtime was canceled and the day was over one hour after lunch because I have to show myself energetic to keep the job. That’s nearly impossible with a raging high blood sugar. If I’m recovering from a low blood sugar I can act like I’m preparing to do something for up to ten minutes. The high blood sugar is safe from falling and confusion but taking a nap is a good idea. But not for at work. I’ve quit coffee although it helps combat that low energy state. i just think the exhaustion builds up too much when coffee fueled.