High BG?

I went out for lunch today with some friends. My bg was running in the 70’s and 80’s all morning. Ended up eating at Arby’s got a turkey roaster and figured I would be safe with that; only 38 carbs. Within an hour my bg was in the 240’s. I thought maybe I put the carbs in wrong so I checked the nutrition menu again. The carb count was right. I then noticed the sodium was 1440. Is it possible that the sodium had something to do with my bg going so high?

I doubt it, Unknown; sodium isn't known to affect blood sugar. I don't know what a turkey roaster is...a kind of sandwich? On a roll? Seems like that would be more than 38 carbs! Also is there some kind of sauce? Those are notorious for hidden sugars and carbs Whatever the ingredients there are two possibilities: the carb count is not accurate or more likely the count is accurate but it is just one of those things where a food affects us more than just the carb count would suggest bolusing for. For me, for example, if I eat cereal or rice, I can accurately bolus for the carbs and still go high. So I would just go with experience. If you like that meal, try it one more time and if the result is also too high than it might be one of those meals that just don't work for you. Another option is to do an extended bolus especially if it contains high fat as that slows the rise.

Another thing to remember is that the menu goes by approximate size just like other food labels. So it could be more or less than what's on that label, but from my experience working fast food as a teenager, it's usually a larger portion size. Not saying that that particular thing could be the whole picture, but it is something to consider.

Every time I have eaten fast food I've bolused based on their published carb counts. Almost every time, I have ended up way too high. I'm not sure what the deal is, can only assume their published data is way off. I do alright with sausage egg mcmuffins, which I just count as 24 (2 units novolog for me) and McDonalds breakfast sausage egg burritos. Other than that, I've learned to just avoid fast food. Also, generally the only time I eat fast food is when I'm in the car driving long distance or in airports and don't have much of a choice-- so I think for me, reduced activity levels corresponding with the times I eat fast food probably doesn't help matters either... but I think the main problem is that their published carb counts must be way off

The online info says it has 24G of protein which would "convert" to around 12G of carbs which might explain the numbers you're seeing.

Processed carbs, like sandwich bread and buns, make my BG crazy. I just don’t do it. I have to mega bolus to compensate.

It didn't have any sauce on it just mayo and a bun. I didn't even think about the protein converting into carbs. After seeing how much sodium was on the sandwich I don't think I will be eating that anymore. Fast food in general doesn't work to well. Thanks for the replies.

I would think your BG would have been ok if you had bolused a shade extra to cover the protein? I agree that's a heaping helping of sodium but, unless you have some issues (besides diabetes, LOL...) as long as it's not a regular thing, I would think that a turkey sandwich would be ok.

I agree. There should be a bumper sticker: Fast food is not good for diabetics and other living things.

Perhaps it could just say "Fast food is not good for living things"? I remember seeing "Supersize Me" and how the doc at the end, who'd initially said "you'll probably gain weight..." looked at the blood chemistry and said "you need to stop this RIGHT NOW" because all sorts of numbers were off in freaky ways!

Oh I agree AR; I don't think fast food has any redeeming qualities. I was just riffing off an old bumper sticker that said "war is not good for children or other living things"

It's so strange how we can view the same thing. 38 carbs, in my life, is never something I'd use the word "only" to describe. It's a different world when you're not using insulin.

Next time, try to limit the amount of white bread. Eat the sandwich open-face? Order a side salad if you want more to eat. Or just order a salad with turkey etc?

I give up on lunch; it's just bad for my health. Today my bg went to 293 and this was just 35 carbs. I guess it's time to start bumping up the I:C ratio. I just now got my BG back down after doing a correction bolus and then bumped up my basal rate to 200% for 2 hours. Hate chasing highs all afternoon.

Yes, if this is a regular occurrence then you need to tweak your ratio.(and the fast food is only partly responsible) What number did you start with? I would increase your ratio by a couple points and see how that goes for a couple days, so if you're using 1:15, try 1:13 for a couple days, etc.

Write now my I:C 1 to 11 and i just switched it to 1 to 9. I'll see what happens tomorrow.

That sounds like a good plan. I usually try stuff for about 3 days to see if it works. Sometimes it may be "off" the first day but then fall into place?

Also remember that it's very common for I:C ratios to be different for different meals. (Mine, for example are 1:5, 1:10 and 1:18). So don't assume that if it works for one meal it will work for all. The proof is in the post prandial readings. If you're cruising way up into the 200s two hours after your meal on a regular basis than you are not getting enough insulin for that meal. Pre-bolusing also helps.

Thanks Zoe; I do have different ratios for different times of the day.

Fast food is so terrible for carb counting. Lots of fat and large-size servings. I usually get a Jr. Roast Beef which has a smaller bun. It's those wonderfully wicked curly fries that send up my glucose... I limit those to 3-4 times a year just for a treat!