High BGs and Anticipation/Excitement

My experince before my very first Cross Country race wasn’t a good one. Half way throught the race I was already hyperventaling. I was wondering “why in the world is this happening, I know I can run this course!”. So when I fianlly dropped out and checked my BG. It had risen about 300 in less than 30 minutes. 30min b4 the race I was 120. Then 15min b4 I was 160, so I thought that was ok. Although, it turned out I wasn’t. My BG eventually came down then all was well.

I talked to my endo, and its perfectly normal as I assumed. So I’m just sharing my scary exxperince.

Whoops! when I said “perfectly normal” my doc ment its a normal thing to happen, and then he gave me a cource of action to fix the prob.