High BGs lately!

My blood sugars are usually good before breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime, but for the last couple of days, its been so high (200’s and 300’s)! I checked my insulin, but it expires in 2 years, my pod seems to be working fine, no blood, insulin leaks, etc. and I checked for ketones twice but both times it came up negative. What else could be leading to this? Thanks.

Depending on your age, my guess would be hormones, the current bane of my daughter’s pumping existence. I can’t wait for menarche in order for there to be some semblance of a monthly pattern…

Is there any chance your insulin became denatured from heat exposure or was accidentally frozen in transit before you received it? Are you taking any new/different medication? You may be coming down with a viral illness. How long ago were you diagnosed? (Are you exiting your “honeymoon”?)

To quote Gary Scheiner, sometimes it comes down to this: “It sounds like Type 1 diabetes to me.”

ETA: Maybe your BG meter is ferklempt. Do you have any of that blue testing fluid with which to check it? Are you using a blood ketone meter or the pee-on-a-strip option? You can get a free blood ketone meter, but the strips are a little dear, even with insurance coverage. But so much more accurate and timely.

So many possibilities, so little time…

I’m not taking any new medication, and I was diagnosed a year and a half ago, so I guess it may still be my honeymoon. And no, I’m pretty sure nothing bad happened to my insulin. About that blue liquid, I do have some from my other extra test kits but I just use my PDM to test my blood sugars. For ketones, I use the urine one.

Insulin does go bad. Not often, but it happens. A friend of mine recently opened a brand new, just-acquired vial that didn’t do a thing. He had it lab tested and it was, indeed, worthless. Don’t reject the possibility out of hand.

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Thank you, now I’m going to change my pod and use a different vial, let’s see if that works :slight_smile:

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In my friend’s case, and based on what the lab saw, they suspect that the insulin was frozen at some point during shipping and storage, and no one was owning up. Impossible to prove, of course.

When my bg stays high too long and won’t come down I usually do an injection, that always seems to work for me. I bolus into the air from the pump first. It could be anything really, hormones, stress, illness which isn’t apparent. I hope it comes down soon. Every time in the past that I thought it was maybe the insulin it wasn’t because the same insulin started dropping me. If your site is sore or irritated you may not be absorbing from the pump- that is another possibility.

Thanks, I’m all good now :grin:

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