High BGs?

Hey all, I’m new to the website and have thus far received a very warm welcome, so thank you all!
I actually have a question and could use your input:
Over the past few weeks I haven’t been feeling so great. Tired all the time, thirsty… my father is a T1 dx at in his 30’s (I was born a few years later), so I, knowing the symptoms, decided to check my BG - 453. Seeing this number I washed my hands and checked again on a different meter, . This was about a week ago. Since then I still feel crappy (no worse), but have continued to check occasionally, and most of the time (90%) they come up within a normal range (a few higher, but never close to 453).

I am going to make an appointment at the doctors office tomorrow (snowstorm closed the office today), so no need to tell me to go to a doctor, and I am NOT asking for medical advice (I know that’s not what this site is for). All I want to know is: has this (generally normal blood sugars with a few, odd, highs) happened to anyone else on here? If not, ever heard of this?

I’m sure I’m fine, but I am still quite nervous…just want to know that I’m not a freak (haha)

A true blood sugar reading of 453 mg/dl is not good. That would “never” happen in a non-diabetic. That being said, you can have a reading in error. If you hand anything sweet or sugary on it, that could cause a false high reading. The most sensitive way to test whether you are having diabetes problems is to eat a meal with carbs (50-100 grams) and then test an hour or so after the meal. If your blood sugar is in the normal range 70-120 mg/dl, then you are fine. If your blood sugar is over 200 mg/dl, especially 2 hours after you ate, then you have a problem.

And sometimes, a non-diabetic can run (sightly) higher than normal blood sugars for normal reasons, like being sick or taking a steroid medication. You are doing the right thing to check on things, but it is also possible that the high reading you had was an error. Just so you understand how much variation there is, below is a chart showing how the blood sugar of a population of non-diabetics varies over the day.

I washed my hands and used a different meter testing the second time just to make sure there wasn’t any crap on my hands. Since then I’ve been over 200 twice I think… but again, what really confuses me is that it’s normal most of the time. Hence the reason I have yet to see anyone. I don’t want to waste his/her time…

Oh and if it matters I’m youngish (early 20’s), not overweight (runner), and healthy

Others might give a more scientific explanation but I believe that people’s first and second phase insulin responses fail in varied ways, including normal numbers combined with highs (and lows). There might be another less obvious reason for the exceptions. You have some symptoms (thirst, fatigue) weight loss? peeing a lot? You have had a few very high numbers (others over 120?) and your father is a type 1. When the snow storm is over I would see your doctor; I wouldn’t worry about wasting his time and if he is a good doctor he will take your concerns seriously and do the appropirate tests. Whatever the outcome, you are not a freak.

I read medical records all day and I’ve never seen anyone who didn’t have diabetes > maybe 150? I would get to a doc ASAP to get going on figuring out what kind? I think that it can sort of creep up on you gradually but I’ve also read that it’s useful to begin treating whatever it might be as quickly as possible?

I was 26 and training for my first triathlon and running 5ks at 20minutes at the time of my diagnosis for T2. could be that your body doesn’t always produce enough insulin to do the job. but you’ll find out more when you see your doctor

Thanks guys, I really am happy to know this random high stuff is not completely unheard of and I’m not a freak!

Zoe, I have lost some weight (like 10lbs in 3-4 weeks) but I had packed on a few over the holiday’s so it’s not exactly a problem. As far as peeing, it’s been more, but I’ve been thirsty, hence drinking more, and what goes in, must go out…

Like I said I will call the doctor… Thanks again for the reassurance :slight_smile:

I lost 40 pounds before and after diagnosis, peace. It wasn’t a problem, in fact it was a gift as I was 40 pounds overweight. It was, however, a symptom of type 1 diabetes (LADA). Not wishing for you to be a member of our little club, but if you are, you’ve come to the right place.