High Blood Sugar Signs

Does anyone else ever get a burning sensation in their nose to tell you that your bs is high?

my head gets thick and my eyes feel puffy. But the symptoms aren't as reliable as the nastiness of a hypo.

not my nose, but my legs start to cramp terribly. it sucks, but at least it alerts me to ck my BSs and make a bolus correction.

I get numbness and tingling in my right foot. It's be beginnings of neuropathy but as long as I keep my numbers down it's not a bother. As soon as I feel that numbness, I know to do a test to see what's up. Agreed, it is a pain, but it's also a good indicator of when it's time to make a correction. Since this "condition" has developed, I have been able to keep my a1c's down to 6.2 pretty consistently for the past four years.

Thank you for everyone's responses.

I don't get a burning sensation, but I have noticed that my nose gets runny after eating carbs...