High Blood suger for the past 4 or 5 days. :(

The past 4 or 5 days I have been having high blood suger. Like when I wore up today I was 127. Had pancacks which was 50 carbs. Than i got checked for lunch and was 373 had 70 carbsto eat. At about 3:59pm I got checked and was 394. i dont know what to do. So I thought that I would come here fror some help. I hope that some one can help me. I will try to keep everyone posted on what happens/happing.

What insulin regime are you on? You might need to take more of the slow acting one morning and night - even one or two units extra can make all the difference to your morning readings.

Also 50 carbs sounds like a lot for your body to deal with early in the morning - not surprising you are going up so high. And then adding to it the 70 carbs.

Do you inject before meals? Try doing it half an hour or so before eating.

You could just have an infection or be under stress. These can push your levels up.

Might be time to go and check with your endo or dietitian.

I agree that 50 carbs for breakfast is a lot of carbs to try and handle. Do you know your I:C ratio? Is it reliable? Even if it is you might be overtaxing it with that many carbs especially in the morning. I’m not sure why you would eat 70 carbs with your blood sugar at 373? Do you know how to do corrections? If you know your correction factor, you really should do a correction to get it down from that level. Also drink a lot of water, and limit your carbs as much as possible until it is down. If you continue that high you should check for ketones and if you feel ill you should go to the ER or call your doctor right away. I strongly suggest you get a copy of Using Insulin by John Walsh and learn how to match your insulin to your carbs.

Welcome, I’m glad you joined us.

You are not new to this, so I assume that pumping and all, having an A1c of 6.2, this is not something that is just that your ate too many carbs or didn’t correct properly. One thing to always be aware of is a failure in insulin delivery. Check your site, perhaps change it. Then consider your insulin. Is it old, did it get cold/hot/exposed to light? Can you try another vial? The, it is possible that you are just sick, maybe an infection. You could have an impacted tooth, a UTI anything that makes your sick, injured or inflammed could cause unexpected highs. Hope that is helpful.

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I agree w/ LC and Zoe too. I occasionally splurge on carbs but, a lot of the time, I eat much more conservatively, 12-20G for breakfast, about 20G for lunch. Some of this is b/c I used to be bigger and am pleased not to be but I have also noticed that eating very careful carb portions is 1) a lot less work and 2) provides really reliable data if ratios or numbers drift out of alignment a bit and you need to fix them?

Hi - I don’t think the 50 carbs at breakfast was a problem if you added a correction to the bolus and counted right but but to eat 70 carbs when you are at 373 seems like a very high risk activity. John Walsh in Pumping Insulin goes into a long discussion about the importance of bringing blood sugar down to a reasonable level before having a meal with carbs. I know that I would have tested for ketones, corrected and limited lunch to a handful of almonds and waited to see if the correction took me down to a decent level over the next four hours.

If this has been going on for four to five days it means that you’ve gone through at least one site change without improvement. Could you be fighting an infection? Have you tried a fresh vial of insulin?


One way to check if it’s a site problem is to give a correction by injection. Many people with pumps correct highs by injection. If you’re coming down with an illness when insulin isn’t as effective, eat less carbs. Having 70 carbs for lunch with 373 isn’t helping. Larger insulin doses don’t absorb as predictably as smaller doses which makes it difficult to both correct the high & the meal.

Thanks everyone for the advice. After about 2 more days of high blood suger I want back down to range. I think today is the 1st day in about a week. I was over 200 after I eat today. I was also over 200 almost 300 for lunch. I was 121 for supper. i think I am going to have good blood sugers for a while.