High BS and Vacation

I’ve been dxd T1 for over 4 years now although I’ve been diabetic longer- just misdiagnosed. My honeymoon phase petered out within the the first year. When I’m home in my usual routine my basal and bonus rates are fine. I work out 5 days a week (hard) and am careful about my diet- monitoring carbs, etc. But every time I visit family or go on vacation my bs sky rockets. And it doesn’t go back down to normal after I get back in my routine. My basal rates have to be permanently set higher! Does anyone else experience this? Will I always need more and more insulin on this D journey?! I have yet to adjust my rates down to need less insulin. :confused:

I’ve noticed similar things, @MKSSS. When I increase my basal rates for vacation or relaxed holiday eating they tend to be “sticky.” My body seems to get used to them. I find, though, if I return to previous food and exercise patterns that I will need to back off my basal rates to keep from going low.

I’m in a period like that now. I went on a three week vacation in November and then caught a cold which hung on for another 2-3 weeks. My pre-vacation total daily basal dose was about 17 units. It got as high as 20.5 units and I’m currently at 18.9 units.

I think it’ll take some time but I think if I drop my rates when the opportunity presents itself then I’ll finally return to my former consumption. The key for me is making a daily effort to limit my snacking and try to get out the door for more than one walking session per day.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the actual amount of insulin it takes for good control. If your weight has not increased, your food consumption returns to former levels, and your BG control is good, then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Some trends take longer to re-establish.