High BS, insulin resistance and trends... but no clue why!

FYI- This may be a TMI issue. Deals with uh, womenly issues. Guys may not want to know...

heres the deal... perfect blood sugars until the 7th, where I had some super faint light spotting. Period was due the 12th. ever since then, blood sugars wont get below the 200 range, high as the 400s.

here are my overall insulin use

4/7- 57.15








15- 96.10





took a few hpts over this time- either really faint positives or nothing at all...

any ideas on what the heck is going on... now that im....uh, late?

Ask your doc for a beta HGC draw… that will tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not. A HPT can easily not be very reliable… especially if your #'s have been high, your urine can dilute the hormones so much that you’ll get a negative even if you were pregnant. HOWEVER, after a couple of weeks you should get a positive no matter what.

I don’t know if you’re TTC, but I have to say that the insulin pattern you’re seeing is very much like what I get when I ovulate, it’s possible you just ovulated late this cycle (I sometimes get spotting when I ovulate)… but if you’ve been getting faintly positive HPT’s it’s hard to say… it’s also possible those are evap lines and not a positive result.

I got a positive hpt last night. I haven’t had a real period since march 8th and my endo wants me in during lunch to draw blood and increase my basals because running temp increase at 45% 24 hours is just… dumb, lol.