High Carb Diet and Workout Report

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Hey all,

I was reading some posts earlier tonight about people being on low carb diets. Some are 15-30 grams per day… total! I’ve never really thought about how many carbs I eat during a day, I mostly worry about how much protein I am getting. Protein I take in roughly 250-300 g per day depending on the workout, not including extra amino acid supplementation. For those wondering, no my kidneys are not shutting down. I have my serum creatinine measured on a quarterly basis for that reason. I also cycle all of my supplements (nothing illegal or prescription) to prevent any excess toxicity. I should mention I am 6’4 and 226 lbs (fully clothed at the dr office w/o shoes).

So back to the carb thing. I average about 13-15 units for boluses per day and 23-24 units basal for a TDD of around 34-36 units, with the occasional 40 unit day when I splurge. My insulin factor is…