High Cholesterol

I know this isn’t Omni Pod related, however I am a type 1 on the Omni Pod and for the second time in my life have found out I have high cholesterol. My LDL was 128 and they said something to the effect of someone WITH heart disease should have 70 or lower! Crazy! Thing is we hardly ever eat out, I don’t buy “pre made” foods hardly ever and in general I eat pretty healthy, plus I exercise.
SO was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat as me?? Is our diabetes causing the high cholesterol like it causes other problems??

Alesha…same for me. I lived the same healthy life style but my cholesterol was creeping up…it runs in the family. When I was diagnosed with T1, I was put on Lipitor. Since it is a family thing, I don’t blame the diabetes, but the diabetes requires us to be extra vigilant.

it is a diabetes thing my dr said most diabetics are put on some sort of statin pill. Im 25 and have been diabetic for 15 years and when i was 18 they out me on simvastatin because i had borderline high cholesterol and it doesnt run in my family at all.

My CDE told me that cholesterol is a diabetes thing. Mine, like all my medical issues, is backwards. I have low HDL and am on Crestor to raise it.

I don’t think high cholesterol is caused by diabetes, but the two are often found together. And because diabetics are at a much greater risk of heart disease in general, doctors are more aggressive in treating high cholesterol and lipid conditions in diabetics.
Many people have high cholesterol because of genetics; my total was almost 250 about 8-10 years ago, some due to an atrocious diet (fast food 4 or more times per week, lots of cheese, etc) but also a lot due to genetics - my father and all of his brothers take Lipitor or Zocor and my grandfather has had multiple bypass and stint surgeries. However, with the use of simvastatin (Zocor) and improving my diet and exercise habits I’ve been able to get both my total down and my LDL/HDL ratio nearly ideal. The statins are truly wonder-drugs!

Maybe, maybe not, depending upon whom you talk to.

The key is to just manage the cholesterol aggressively. I have been on Lipitor 10mg for about 4 years to keep the cholesterol down. One itty-bitty (albeit pricey) pill every night before bed, and it’s done the trick.

My itty-bitty has done the trick for me as well, and you read that it also helps with systemic inflammation…the cause of so many ills, so they say. Some doc has been quoted as saying Lipitor should be in the public water supply, it is such a life saver. Still…you worry. Do you take CoQ10? I read that it is a must for Lipitor takers and that Ubiquinol is an even better option. I alternate between the two.

I think the dr said he’s putting me on cymbastatin? I have to go pick up my prescription tomorrow.
Anyone have any crummy side effects from their statin meds? I’ve heard some people do but don’t know exactly what.

The most common I think, is a sort of muscle wasting…I know, sounds horrible…and liver or kidney issues. Statins are supposed to lower your natural CoQ10 levels, which can cause the muscle issues. I’m not sure where the liver (or kidney) comes in. You should have periodic testing for potential ill effects…they look for something in the urine. Ask your doc about CoQ10 supplements.
There has been discussion about this in past blogs if you want to research it.

Unfortunately, I am one of the 2% of the population that cannot tolerate statin drugs or other types of cholesterol drugs such as Welchol and Zetia. Why I am like this remains a mystery as I took Crestor for 3 years and had great lipid readings. Then one morning I woke up feeling like I had a bad case of the flu. Since it was the middle of summer I decided to try to ignore it for a few days and hope it would pass. That was not the case and I ended up at the Immediate Care Clinic because I could barely walk. I had many blood tests to determine if there was muscle or liver damage. All tests came back negative.

Many people take statin drugs with great success and I wish you well. Don’t be afraid of them as a drug class, but do be aware and have periodic lab work done if you should notice any muscle pain or weakness.

Sounds like you are going on simvastatin, a/k/a Zocor. Did you doc tell you why he/she put you on simvastatin rather than Lipitor (atorvastatin)?

Here is a link to Dr. Joseph Mercola’s opinion on this subject:

No offense, Mark, but Mercola is widely regarded as a quack. While parts of his general theory are sound (better diet and exercise), others are very troubling, including his stance against vaccinations. If you read what he has to say about diabetes, you are quickly left with the impression that he has little understanding of the differences between T1 and T2.

With regard to his statin opinion, he cites “900 articles” documenting the adverse effects of statins, yet does not mention that these are standard clinical studies about statins that also contain documentation of adverse events. Every decent medical study always documents adverse events, even if the medical study was not studying a drug. Consider that I could find well over 900 articles documenting the adverse events associated with insulin therapy. And every drug has a risk/benefit profile. Beyond that, he has no real data to back up his opinion.

I always find it troubling when an alternative medical practitioner rebukes the wisdom of the day, and offers a deal on his book as a way to find the truth. I am skeptical of skeptics like him.

Alesha, to be honest, I have always found the “if you’re diabetic, it should be under 70 and if you’re everyone else, it should be under 140” rule to be unattainable. If I weren’t diabetic, I’d be praised for my LDL, but mine usually looks like yours. I think I’m very healthy. If your overall cholesterol isn’t bad (mine ranges from 190-230, so I consider myself borderline), I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks everyone for your input!
I did not ask why he picked the specific medication he picked, I do have alot of other health issues and he always takes those into consideration when giving me any new med or changing any of my meds.
I’m going to try it and see what happens. I do believe though that this is the same one my past primary care dr had put me on and if it is I had no ill effects from it at the time.

Ok all, I got the med name wrong, it is Simvastatin.
I’m going to research it a little bit.

Simvastatin is the generic name of Zocor. It is what I take now since it is a tiny fraction of the cost of Zocor or Vytorin, the two I took before.