High Fasting Readings

I need to know if anyone can help with my fasting sugar levels its very high 215 mg/ld although I am careful with my diet, exercise is another matter; I am taking diamicron 2 tablets in the morning then Jenumet after each meal but still not LUCK ! Help.

This is morning readings? As a Type 1, for me managing the flow of glucose from the body and the insulin needed during sleep at night has been very very interesting. You sound like a Type 2, but this should be somewhat similar. At night the body does a lot of work actually. Normally, during a full day the body is always producing insulin, no matter if you are eating or not, in small amounts to keep your cells fed and alive. During the night, that's the time the cells are regenerating, and actually require more glucose and insulin than in normal non-active times. So your fat cells release more glucose for the body to use. So, you do need more insulin during this time. I use a pump, so for example at night I raise my "basal" or continual small insulin amount by about 10% to 20%. In your case, you may need to adjust either your diet or your meds for night time. You may even need to consider long acting insulin shots, if you don't already do those.

That's my semi-uneducated guess. In other words, let your Doc know your problems and talk to him about night time insulin needs. He will send you in the right direction.

I never had any luck with oral meds at all, went straight to insulin, it is a process to get the hang of it but so worth it in the end, feel TONS better!

From your profile, you have had diabetes for a decade. The drug diamicron can help lower your fasting blood sugar somewhat, but Janumet is of little help. Unfortunately, diamicron is a class of drug called sulfonylurea which have been found to not work for very long. On average after a couple of years, most people find that their condition has gotten worse.

Given that your A1c is nearly 10% I am glad you came here. You are right to be concerned about things. I know you say you have been careful about your diet, but you might try a very low carb diet. It is unlikely to work miracles, but it may help. In the end, I think you unfortunately that you will need some basal insulin as Scott and karebear has suggested. The current guidelines in the US suggest starting with insulin if your A1c is greater than 9% and that is where you are at. Perhaps it is time to talk with the doctor about it. I am a T2 and use insulin and it has worked great.