High GAD

Hi. What does it mean if my hubby has GAD over 250 but negative for ICA and Low-end C-peptide? He is currently on Metformin , Acarbos,very lo carbdiet and exercise. A1c is 7.5. Fasting around 150. He is in-between doctors right now.....Bunny

That sounds like T1 or LADA to me. They're both really the same thing, but LADA moves more slowly. If the GAD or ICA tests are positive--even if it's just one--that indicates the T1/LADA diagnosis.

Please, please help your husband find an endocrinologist ASAP--he needs to get off the oral meds and onto insulin, which will help his control immensely.

Hi Bunny,

It seems your husband has been misdiagnosed, a fasting bg 125 and up plus positive antibodies is type 1 diabetes... he needs to be put on insulin, not metformin, before he goes into dka. Please get him to an endo asap and ask his current doc to start him on insulin.

Ditto the last two. He is Type 1. He needs to be put on insulin. I highly recommend the book Using Insulin by John Walsh. Whoever ordered those tests should know what the result means. You are in the right place to learn and get support. Please encourage your husband himself to sign on here. (You are, of course, welcome as well). There is a lot to learn and it can be overwhelming at first, but he will get there and we are here to answer questions.

Well said, Zoe. It is good that Bunny knows to be an advocate.