High hopes for 2011

All I could say was good riddance to 2010. I am finally glad its over and to put behind me. As it is the 2nd day of the year, I only have high hopes that I can count on for this year. My list!

*I finally will get the paperwork in for my pump this coming week. I can only hope that I get approved asap so once I get started on the pump appts I need, I can job hunt at the same time and be ready to start a newer job. i dont want to start a new job in the middle of appts that I need to be successful on the pump. Kind of nervous as to where to place the pump on my interview clothing and on my scrubs. Which brings me to the next high hope.

* Currently I am taking a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) course. I graduate on January 14th. I am sad but relieved once the class is over. Its been a tough few weeks dealing with the class. I spent my winter break off to catch up on the reading which I have successfully done. Now I just need to study for my final for January 3rd. But excited to then start studying for the state exam. Then I can really feel my new field taking off. My goal is to eventually go back to school for an RN program. I want to work with kids and perhaps work with Diabetic kids. I should see what this year brings me.

*I am determined to get the stupid license. I've been trying last year but no avail. I am really wanting to get that license so I can start to save for a car. I want the independence that everyone has with driving. I want to be able to go visit relatives in Maine and other states. I want to be able to visit my boyfriend without him having to get me to bring me back to his house.

*Getting my debt paid off. This will be the hard one of all. I need to figure out what to do. I want to be able to have my money go towards being able to get my prescriptions and what not. Plus if anything happens that I need the money for, it will be nice. I miss being able to buy something and not cringe that I have no money for something else. Or have most of my paycheck go towards bills. I want money for stuff I need as well. Plus I want to move into a bigger apartment. I would love not to be in a studio anymore.

*I still wait for the device from Animas/Dexcom. I am excited as I use a Dexcom right now and will be using Animas ping pump. That will be a wonderful idea. I will miss my separate devices but will welcome the new device with open arms.

So these are my high hopes for now.

I like the Spibelt for my pump to wear both day and night. www.spibelt.com. My MM522 fits the Original, but the Diabetes Spibelt is a bit bigger, which is convenient if you want to add few glucose tabs or something small. I’m sure you’ll love having a pump, Happy 2011.

You sound very focused. Good luck and best wishes.

Thanks Trudy for the link. I'll look into further later.

Kathyann, thanks...I am just determine to get this year to be better than last.

You sound pretty determined to me… Im sure you can do it! Best wishes =)

Thanks Teena…I’ve been waiting for a year to be a great year. Last year was the rock bottom of all years. So I am just hoping this year will be the year of good things.

A lot of work...a little prayer...strong determination ...steady focus...and some luck...

Wonderful things happens!

I wish you well with your diabetes and your finals! Happy New Year!

There you go! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

AS for last year? Well to put it nicely it was a BAD year that went til the 31st. So I really hope 2011 is a WHOLE lot better!

I passed the final. I only have one more test to go. I have the Nursing assistant test to take on the last day of class.

Doris you are right, 2010 was a bad year. I'll be happy once I get into a newer job where I can get myself in a better place.