High in Mid-Afternoon.. HELP!

I’m going to have a whole list of questions for my doctor next time(: I dont know why I dont take shots at lunch. I have only taken one shot at school before (not a bad experience). Im not usually high on the weekend, because Im not stuck in a classroom all day.
Yay! Spring break is finally here!

Yeah, maybe thats why. I dont know how it would be to take shots EVERYDAY at school. I think it would be a hassle.

It may also be a tradeoff of safety vs. control? If you can cover your food with a smoother curved longer term insulin, maybe the thought is that you’d be less likely to crash out and have hypos that would really be a hassle?

Still, as part of your long-term plan, it might be in your interest to read some of the books (Think Like a Pancreas or Using Insulin are my favorites…) that will allow you to manage your conversations with both your doctor and your parents more effectively? I have a 12 year old who is not really into being lectured a lot of the time but never fails to amaze me by figuring stuff out? If you are in school, you probably have science classes where at least the math is as hard as anything you would do involving insulin. The only hard part about insulin is all the wierd variables and well, being your own lab rat?

No I wasn’t. I though maybe a bit more of the slow acting, increasing it slowly to see what the results might be and if say she normally takes 10 units (just a random example) of the fast acting one in the morning at breakfast, suggesting that she takes half of that 10 - 5, at breakfast and another 5 at lunch. The numbers I have picked out at random. I am not saying how MUCH she should take, just a different routine.

Haha! Exactly. I like the way you think. I guess sometimes I am my own lab rat(: I just realized, maybe my doctor wants me to be a little elavated in the afternoon, because right after I check, I go to athletics. It is very intense! Thanks!!